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Topic subjectever gotten an mri without using insurance or the process?
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13403268, ever gotten an mri without using insurance or the process?
Posted by tariqhu, Fri Sep-11-20 11:52 AM
my knee is trippin lately and need to get it looked into. doing it through the whole insurance process looks like it'll actually cost me more than doing it independently. and may take longer because of pre-auth bs.

have any of you done this? how was it?
13403275, You call the clinics and get their cash price.
Posted by handle, Fri Sep-11-20 12:13 PM

You go in, get it done, pay cash, and they give the results on a disk.

You give the disk to your doctor.

My mom used: https://www.simonmed.com/patient-information/covid-19

13403304, yeah, I found a place the does it for 399.
Posted by tariqhu, Fri Sep-11-20 02:45 PM
might give them a shot. gotta do some more research. don't want the doc to get a bunch of polariods.
13403277, have you compared rates?
Posted by Trinity444, Fri Sep-11-20 12:18 PM
you may pay less going through your insurance because of the contractual rate.

why an MRI? lol

13403305, nah, my deductible would still have to be paid for this year.
Posted by tariqhu, Fri Sep-11-20 02:48 PM
and I'd have to pay 20% of whatever costs after that.

I've had surgery before on this knee. you just kinda know from the feel that something isn't right and its not bone related. only way to see none bone stuff is with an mri.
13403311, it still may be cheaper...
Posted by Trinity444, Fri Sep-11-20 03:27 PM
if the normal fee for the mri is $1000.,the contractual rate with the insurance may only cost you $500 out of pocket vs $1000. the prior auth, shouldn’t be a hassle if you’ve had conservative treatment already. like, physical therapy.

13403313, its not cheaper for this case.
Posted by tariqhu, Fri Sep-11-20 04:06 PM
I still have 1375 out of pocket to meet the deductible before insurance pays anything. after that, still have to pay the 20% whatever the ocst would be.

there are places that this for way less and way less hassle. all pre-auth shouldn't be difficult, but more time added just to follow a process when I already pretty know this isn't going to be fixed with ice and meds.
13403278, Have you tried going to urgent care first?
Posted by luminous, Fri Sep-11-20 12:24 PM
They can do x-rays and sonograms. Not sure about MRIs.

Do you need surgery?
13403306, haven't tried them. worth a look at least.
Posted by tariqhu, Fri Sep-11-20 02:52 PM
I think I need surgery based on what it feels like. had the xray last week and they didn't see much issue with the bones.

I really don't want them to cut on it again, but it might be the best option. it's been fine for years. running, biking, etc. but over the last couple of weeks, its been hurting and I can bend it well.

13403336, look into a sports ortho urgent care place
Posted by kingjerm78, Sat Sep-12-20 01:37 AM
13403342, thx.
Posted by tariqhu, Sat Sep-12-20 09:18 AM
didn't know there was such a thing.
13404563, I went an independent imaging place.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Sep-23-20 09:56 AM
cost $400. in and out in half and hour. got a CD with the images. Also go a readout from their doc telling me what he saw.

I'd definitely recommend going this route if you need an mri. way cheaper and easier than getting it done through the doc's office.

before I scheduled it, I talked to the mri scheduler at the doc's office. told her I was thinking getting done elsewhere. she said, yeah, that'll be way cheaper that letting them do it.