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Topic subjectGladys. Patti. Versus. Sunday night. 8PM.
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13402878, Gladys. Patti. Versus. Sunday night. 8PM.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Sep-08-20 07:05 PM

make sure your moms, aunties and grandmas know how to work a stream
13402879, and you know they gonna be singin singin.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Sep-08-20 07:36 PM
13402891, EYE barely know how to work a stream!...Mama an'nem just gonna miss
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Sep-09-20 07:19 AM
this one....
13402892, want to hear Patti hit the notes the end of this one
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Sep-09-20 07:38 AM
13402894, #teampatti
Posted by Airbreed, Wed Sep-09-20 07:49 AM
i'm a bit biased after that stupid super bowl stunt GK pulled last year.