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Topic subjectJDW is f****** charismatic in Tenet, phew
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13402472, JDW is f****** charismatic in Tenet, phew
Posted by Bambino Grande, Thu Sep-03-20 05:31 PM

*fans self*

And Ludwig can get it just for that score alone

I dont MIND the Travis song but I can see why people might have beef with it. It doesnt come on till the credits tho so. Yeah

I loved this movie with a passion and my brain’s still trying to figure it all out somewhat

H8rs stay in PTP lol
13402481, How was your theater experience?
Posted by bigkarma, Thu Sep-03-20 06:57 PM
Tenet and No Time to Die are the only movies that are tempting me to reenter a movie theater. At first I was like, "no way am I sitting in a movie theater...and if I did, I definitely not trying to sit for two hours with a mask on." But now that Tenet has dropped, I'm rethinking. I have seen every Nolan flick in the theaters since Memento. And, I definitely don't think I want to see this first on the small screen.
13402488, Fam they playing Tenet at the black owned theater where I'm at
Posted by Mafamaticks, Thu Sep-03-20 08:37 PM
I'm going this weekend to show support and check out Tenet. 2 birds and all that.

13402503, It is LOUD. Saw it in IMAX with my gf, wore a mask & had a great time
Posted by Bambino Grande, Fri Sep-04-20 01:00 AM

Not gonna reveal anything about the movie but it's bound to be polarizing; I personally loved it but admit I had a hard time following ALL of it, my gf on the other hand watched it as a straight action movie and didn't really consider the events of the movie too much and thats also one way to do it lol. It is very loud too (esp in IMAX, I think), due to this some of the dialogue may not always be easy to follow.

I think John David Washington was perfect for this. And as much as I dug his acting before, he's definitely proven himself to have gravitas to pull off a huge movie like this and thats really dope

Gonna watch it again in a different theatre soon, so much to unpack lol