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Topic subjectwhite...ahem, White people are going to have to go through this too
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13402222, white...ahem, White people are going to have to go through this too
Posted by double negative, Tue Sep-01-20 06:57 PM
it occurred to me recently and I even wrote a post and then never posted it because...reasons.

essentially, I realized it needs (yes, needs) to happen to/for them because as a people they are


about who they are. which is fucking it up for everyone and when I mean everyone, I mean black people.

I'm not going to push for it, but it is a lightbulb moment I had when a trumper said something like (and in the vein of "why can't we have a white entertainment channel...") "why can't WE capitalize the W in white people?!"

and my thought was...nigga please. go right the fuck on if that makes you get closer to you.

my theory is that all of this weirdness and pushback to maintain social order/control (and the tools therein) is because there is confusion. I think a lot of these people think racism, violence, discrimination is a core meaning of whiteness. i.e., PC culture, SJWs, Feminism, BLM, etc. are not designed to combat injustice, instead, they are seen as a direct and personal attack on whiteness.

i see it as a roundabout way of taking accountability and taking ownership and determining whats next for your people.

black people have had centuries to think about race and identity, the meaning of black bodies in white society.

Black people can define their identity within and also outside the context of white supremacy

It is my belief that white people have a hard time imagining their identity outside of the context of white supremacy, black people, "others", "normal", etc.

anyway, I already regret saying this because I don't think I did the idea any justice and I'm worried I'll be mislabeled in my thinking here.