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Topic subjectI support Niecy Nash
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13401969, I support Niecy Nash
Posted by thegodcam, Mon Aug-31-20 04:52 PM
13401971, wow
Posted by shamus, Mon Aug-31-20 05:01 PM
congrats to Niecy!

oops, i mean Carol...? lol
13401972, Wait...
Posted by sersey, Mon Aug-31-20 05:03 PM
When did she start going the Other way?
13401975, look up the terms pansexual, queer or bisexual
Posted by atruhead, Mon Aug-31-20 05:23 PM
also, we've never been owed an explanation of who/how she chooses to love another adult
13401988, RE: look up the terms pansexual, queer or bisexual
Posted by sersey, Mon Aug-31-20 07:08 PM
I don’t need to look up anything. Im aware of the alphabet spectrum. Would you have the same response in that Marques Houston post if I asked when he started dating youngins?
13401992, respect. the Marques Houston thing is potentially more controversial
Posted by atruhead, Mon Aug-31-20 07:57 PM
13401974, Good for her, and more accurately Good for the Lady that
Posted by Adwhizz, Mon Aug-31-20 05:19 PM
married her.
13401977, Love her. Is Claws any good?
Posted by falafel stand pimpin, Mon Aug-31-20 05:28 PM
13401981, Love her! Claws is so dope.
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Aug-31-20 06:01 PM
13402244, If you get a chance, check out the show Getting On that she did on HBO..
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Sep-02-20 06:31 AM
Phenominal show!
13402258, bet...good lookin
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Sep-02-20 10:02 AM
13401982, What if her ex-husband would have remarried in this timeframe?
Posted by CIPHA, Mon Aug-31-20 06:04 PM
Would we support him? Or would it have been proof he was a fuckboy?
13401986, I guess if you relate to being a dude who gets left by women
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Aug-31-20 06:33 PM
this is what you think about first.

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13401987, most of the "support" is the LGBT community thinking she came out
Posted by atruhead, Mon Aug-31-20 06:33 PM
which is weird because two husbands and three kids is a sign she probably has far more experience with heterosexual love (as opposed to her secretly carrying on relationships with women)

but to answer your question, people can move on and be remarried as soon as divorce papers are finalized
13401983, lol word
Posted by Brotha Sun, Mon Aug-31-20 06:06 PM
13401984, Who cares
Posted by Musa, Mon Aug-31-20 06:14 PM
why does this matter?
13401989, Let's not do that in this post. n/m
Posted by Nopayne, Mon Aug-31-20 07:10 PM
13401990, alright then. didnt have that on my 2020 Bingo card
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Aug-31-20 07:26 PM
13402006, RE: I support Niecy Nash
Posted by imperial, Tue Sep-01-20 08:27 AM
I went straight to the pic before reading any of the comments and thought: is that Raphael Saadiq?
miserable niggas yo
cant let nobody have nothing
"god save the queen pip pip cheerio tea time princess di" ass niggas (c)white desus
13402019, Slightly disorienting in the way Mc Lyte's marriage was
Posted by double negative, Tue Sep-01-20 09:17 AM
"OH! I thought...huh, alright then. I love black love"

You know, light surprise and then you just never think about it again.
13402028, Everything but them sneakers bruh has on
Posted by flipnile, Tue Sep-01-20 10:02 AM

13402241, Wow Niecy's Wife Is That R&B Singer Jessica
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Tue Sep-01-20 11:53 PM
...from back in the day, I got her album, it wasn't bad but it had that stereotypical r&b sound for that early 2000 era. https://www.discogs.com/Jessica-You-Cant-Resist/release/1818921

13402248, woooow. i never wouldve guessed. album had a few jams
Posted by Brotha Sun, Wed Sep-02-20 08:22 AM
13402306, i remember her
Posted by luminous, Wed Sep-02-20 02:32 PM
13402308, she was on Missy's reality show..
Posted by luminous, Wed Sep-02-20 02:39 PM
13402305, I support her too! I noticed that earlier this year she was talking about
Posted by SuiteLady, Wed Sep-02-20 02:29 PM
freeing herself from that idea that she is nothing without a man. If you replace the word "man" with the words "committed relationship," seems like she got one again fast, and she aint so free from that idea... but I support her.
13402318, people who are always in relationships
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Sep-02-20 03:46 PM
always talk about how free they are from committed relationships

for the 5 minutes they're single

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13402320, Lmao.. good observation
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Sep-02-20 03:51 PM