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Topic subjectIt's always weird that "Trump derangement syndrome" is attributed
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13402596, It's always weird that "Trump derangement syndrome" is attributed
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Sep-04-20 03:04 PM
to people who criticize him too much (or more than once)

but not to the people who rock Trump hats, Trump shirts, or drive down the street in trucks screaming TRUMP while waving giant Trump flags.

or even your "Look i don't like everything he says but" friend who pops up like beetlejuice the second you mention his name to find any rationale to defend him, with an actually.. or whatabout..

or people who are willing to literally risk their (and their loved ones) lives because Trump doesn't wear a mask

or established people in government who are willing to toss their entire reputations to fall in line behind him

all for someone who could give two shits about them