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Topic subjectyeah its what a lot of it comes down to
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13402115, yeah its what a lot of it comes down to
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Sep-01-20 02:09 PM
"illegals coming in and killing cops" is pretty baseless, but these people will find some article where it happened and make it seem like it's some widespread phenomenon when its statistically all but non-existent.

there are people i know who either they or their fam came from socialist countries who legit fear socialism, and while they may be using the worst examples (venezuela vs denmark) as their basis, i can at least understand their concern on some level. Then there are those like your neighbor where 'socialism' it's just an all encompassing buzz word for everything they're scared of, which is mainly darker people.

>I'm Hispanic and he told me in one conversation. I don't want
>illegals coming and killing cops.
>I told him, I don't want that shit ether, same way I don't
>want cops killing black men. I told him, I was illegal also
>and became a citizen in 2006. This story of immigrants killing
>cops doesn't happen like news outlets like Foxnew would have
>you believe.
>He heard me, but I doubt he listened.