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Topic subjectThere’s an app called “vote with me”
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13401970, There’s an app called “vote with me”
Posted by sersey, Mon Aug-31-20 04:56 PM
It’s designed to keep you informed about elections being held in your community. But I love using that shit for the contacts sync. It takes the cell numbers in your Phones contact list and bounces it against the registered voter scrolls and essentially tells you how all of your contacts are registered In your state (R,D, I) and how they voted in the last 10 elections.

I spent an hour the other day going through my contacts and was genuinely shocked about how wrong I was about how certain people identified politically.

It’s a good drinking game if u wanna get shtifaced guessing how your Boss, Vet, landscaper, pool cleaner, coworker, kids teacher, etc., line up politically.

You think you know, but you never really know.