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Topic subjectmixed bag for me
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13401968, mixed bag for me
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Aug-31-20 04:42 PM
co-workers who support him are all white. All male and older. I can't think of any women or younger white co-workers of either gender who do (that i'm aware of)

i know quite a few mexicans who do. by no means a majority but maybe 1 in 10.

one of my exes is Filipina and married to a Black man. She's probably the first person i know who was on the trump train the second he announced. She unfriended me over the Kaep thing lol.

Then more white people from my past and present. Most came as no surprise but a couple really bummed me out.

i can't think of any black people i know personally who outright support him, but a few 'both sides suck'/voting doesn't matter types.