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Topic subjectPretty much all the 45 supporters I know are white...
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13401966, Pretty much all the 45 supporters I know are white...
Posted by Marbles, Mon Aug-31-20 04:30 PM

I don't personally know any black people who support him.

A Mexican cat we used to run with in high school is the only person of color that I can think of who is openly & enthusiastically supporting 45.

Some of the white folks don't surprise me. Some are nutso evangelicals, some are the flag-waving, NASCAR-watching types.

But there are some who support 45 strictly because his policies benefit them financially. Like I always say, I understand greed so I get that. But they're way too quiet on the social issues for my liking. I'd respect them just a little more if they said, "He's terrible human being and he's a huge bigot but he's keeping my pockets tight."