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Topic subjectdamn, well said
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13401944, damn, well said
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Aug-31-20 02:24 PM
>I just think it's a particularly noteworthy- and glaring- in
>the overlap between Trump people and conservative Christians,
>because the things being overlooked are very significant.
>I don't think that, in our day to day lives, most people are
>ignoring that volume of that level of awfulness, particularly
>in ways that are so directly and consistently at odds.
>In this case, they're not only overlooking all these elements
>of their holy book, just as they're overlooking all these
>elements of their "guy".
>They're also overlooking the "positive" morality of their
>religion, in order to support a guy who caters to the negative
>elements of the morality of their religion, as well as their
>sociopolitical worldview- which they hold at odds with some of
>the more positive aspects of their religion.
>So, while we all experience some of this cognitive dissonance,
>I think there's a level of that relationship between Trump and
>conservatives that go well beyond what most of us experience
>in our day to day lives.