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Topic subjectFor me, it makes perfect sense that Christians would embrace him.
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13401925, For me, it makes perfect sense that Christians would embrace him.
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Aug-31-20 01:31 PM
I used to think this was baffling, but thinking about it now?

This makes perfect sense.

He helps them legitimize and rationalize their hate.

It doesn't matter that he doesn't actually give half a fuck about them; what matters to them is that he hates the right people and the right causes.

Anecdotally, I think that the indoctrination that comes with Christianity is exactly what makes it easy for them overlook the myriad red flags showing that he doesn't give a fuck about them.

I think this, because to be a Christian means to rationalize or flat out ignore an absurd amount of things in the bible that most of them wouldn't actually support in real life. It's a book that champions the idea of being willing to kill your baby if you think god told you do so, yet most Christians would object to someone if they said they received such a commandment from god today.

It's a book that provides a how-to guide for how and where to obtain slaves, and how badly you're allowed to treat them, yet your average Christian would either dismiss this for being old testament and/or simply a product of the times, lean into one of a small handful of stock apologetics, or lean into the red herring that Christians were instrumental to abolition.

I can go on.

I think the very same mental gymnastics that allow people to accept christianity in spite of so many obvious moral failure and accept an obvious mythology as some sort of true historical fact, are the same mental gymnastics they use to justify support trump.