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Topic subjectAnybody got a telescope?
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13398256, Anybody got a telescope?
Posted by grey, Mon Aug-10-20 12:14 AM
I was happy to make out Saturn , Venus and mercury pretty well over the last few weeks (Star rover is a cool lil app). Its nothing like stargazing in the boonies on the east coast, but I didn’t even have my driving glasses on so I know shit would pop with a telescope.

Niggas still looking at the stars or nah?

13398259, City light prevented
Posted by Fire1986, Mon Aug-10-20 01:07 AM
our view of Comet NEOWISE, but we use binoculars to view the moon and other planets that have been nearby this summer.

I would love to upgrade to a nice telescope soon!
13398262, Yea ima look into binoculars too
Posted by grey, Mon Aug-10-20 01:42 AM
13398260, There are some pretty dope livestreamers in these times
Posted by vik, Mon Aug-10-20 01:08 AM
Let me know if you'd like a link or two.
13398263, Nah I gotta see it outside
Posted by grey, Mon Aug-10-20 01:49 AM
I can’t imagine it having the same feel over the phone. Wouldn’t be mad to be wrong though shoot em to me por favor.
13398269, Yes, but it's far too bright here to see most of the sky
Posted by flipnile, Mon Aug-10-20 07:40 AM
The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus are all easy to see, as well as some of the brighter stars.