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Topic subjectthat was the manhattan d.a. cy vance who subpoenaed deutsche bank.
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13398104, that was the manhattan d.a. cy vance who subpoenaed deutsche bank.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Aug-07-20 04:45 PM
the same d.a. that shut down an investigation/indictment of ivanka and don jr...

and 'botched' an invesitgation of jeffrey epstein while siding with him and his lawyers in pushing for leniency in his penalty.

i have zero expectation that anything will come of that.

as far as the ny ag and nra...thats just a civil matter and any criminal info (if she came across it) would be referred to irs/sec/fec who would then need to refer it to barrs doj (like her previous investigation of the trump foundation).

trump aint ever facing any criminal consequences fam.

worst comes to worst...he could resign after losing the election and let pence issue him a blanket pardon on any future fed crimes.