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Topic subjectPrince would play sold out shows at the biggest venues....
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13393155, Prince would play sold out shows at the biggest venues....
Posted by imcvspl, Mon Jul-13-20 07:31 AM
Eat chop it up with the homies then hit the club for three hour jam sessions.


Me and the Mrs. were talking about the difference between a staged performance and a live concert last night and reflecting on this made me really sad not only that Prince is gone but other than 15 I don't think anyone is even aspiring to be on that level.

The anchor to Prince's legacy was his love of just playing music far surpassed anything else. Dude kept engineers on call like doctors so that he could noodle on that groove in his head at 4 in the morning.

RIP to the GOAT

Big PEMFin H & z's
"I ain't no entertainer, and ain't trying to be one. I am 1 thing, a musician." � Miles

"When the music stops he falls back in the abyss."