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Topic subjectMy wife = the gas. Me = the brake.
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13400401, My wife = the gas. Me = the brake.
Posted by double negative, Thu Aug-20-20 09:25 PM
wife is like, "let's gooo-ooooooh! these interest rates is good!"

and I'm like "yeah but...fuck what you heard, we're in the dark about where things are headed."

then we get into a dumb argument because she thinks I'm trying to hold the family back and then I think shes trying to make us intentionally house poor.

we already own a property in the next city over and it was paying for itself via airbnb/rentals until covid hit. It's still going but its a thinned out shell of where it was and where it was going. We moved to an apartment in the next city over so she could be close to her new job - she feels like renting is throwing money away, I feel like we gotta hold the position until we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The market is super hot - I talked about this in another thread but it reached a point where we were a full on 200k above where we first started.

We eventually had to talk ourselves down because even at that point we were about to drop an offer that was another 50k over asking on top of being in a whole other bracket. I said "baby...uhh...how we gonna pay for this?".

The market has been crazy. We kept getting outbid and outbid and outbid. We would get into the final round but we lacked that extra thing that got us to the next round. With one home, we straight up got into top 3. The seller sent over a disclosure and HUGE condition that no lead testing or environmental testing occur in transaction. FUCK NO, we got young kids man. We noped out of that shit quickly even though it was pretty much the most ideal place to have.

I'm thinking some bad shit is around the corner but I can't identify it outright - it's just intuition. My spidey senses have been going crazy since...May. I'm thinking, these low interest rates are fucking trap if your'e not a liquid HNWI.