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Topic subjectJumping back out of the housing market.
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13400172, Jumping back out of the housing market.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Aug-19-20 03:11 PM
Basically, I'm seeing the opposite of our realtor and her branch manager son said would happened.

Few of those lower-priced homes entered the market, amd we haven't seen the flood of them on the market.

There's no inventory, and everything we've seen that fits what we want within our range turns out to have a much higher asking price.

This is because every home has multiple prospective buyers, resulting in bidding wars.

I dipped my toe into the foreclosure market, and that's much more work than I want to invest in this right now. Our finances are solid right now, but with overall uncertainty looming with COVID, and the fact that there are virtually no good options that don't put us at the absolute high end of our comfort zone, at best....we decided to rock with the status quo for now.

My realtor responded with all manor of desperation to keep us in the market. She's a little close to losing our commission when we finally do buy, but she's ignoring the "our overall best interest" part of this in favor of "the interest rates won't be this low forever!"

Our original plan was next summer/autumn, so we're still on track for that original plan, though we expect to revisit this after the new year.