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Topic subjectAgreed. Housing being propped up a bit, similar to the stock market
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13391887, Agreed. Housing being propped up a bit, similar to the stock market
Posted by GOMEZ, Thu Jul-02-20 02:53 PM
We've cut interest rates so low, combined w/some other risk factors, so now bonds, etc. which are normally the 'safe' investment are a losing proposition. Feels like investors moving money to stocks, real estate, etc. cuz they have to right now, and sort of artificially inflating value in those markets. (disclaimer: This is all very stupid an amateur speculation on my part)

Low interest rate home loans keeping this shit afloat right now too. It feels like a couple of ticks upwards in interest rate, pending foreclosures, and a trump L on election night (not to mention the ongoing pandemic) could send prices downward pretty quickly. I really want to get a house in the near future, but it feels like jumping in right now would be a great way to find myself underwater a couple hundred grand 6 months from now.

If i had a house right now, I'd either sit tight and live in that muhfucker or cash out if it was an investment property.

>So I really think housing prices are going to tumble . They
>should be tumbling NOW - but again, it's about perception.