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Topic subjectnot trying to flex, but....Hulk Out! Cool stats, bro. I'm super impr3ssed.
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13391886, not trying to flex, but....Hulk Out! Cool stats, bro. I'm super impr3ssed.
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jul-02-20 02:51 PM
>My wife and I make a combined $192k a year, my credit score
>is 815, her credit score is 750, debt is low, have $150k saved
>in the bank and I still feel priced out. Especially in the
>places we would like to live which is Bay Ho, Bay Park and

I'm sure you meant well, but that shit is eye roll status. It's a little self indulgent for the post, but good for you.

>I refuse to pay $700k+ to live in Clairemont, Sierra or
>Kearney Mesa.

I mean, I did say SD is higher than most, did I not?

And for all that flexing?

The degree to which you're priced out really isnt dissimilar to the degree to which I'm currently priced out.

The places we'd like, in the areas we'd like, you could walk in and get TODAY, with your, uh, "stats".

Conversely, we have to wait a bit, see if this info is at least somewhat accurate, and we'll squeak through.

And that's not a complaint, a whine, a woe is me. It's just a fact.

Because, point being, you're priced out of what you'd like....because So Cal is priced crazy overall. And, as I said, SD is higher than most.

On a relative scale, where you are and what you'd like to get really isnt much different from where I'm at, and what I'm trying to get. We're both waiting for that change before we jump.

It's still a seller's market. I haven't seen a slowdown yet, however we're working with the same lender we did back in 2010 and 2015, and he's now a branch manager, and he told us that they're expecting a decent drop ip in prices starting mid to late July.

How accurate that is, remains to be seen.

If true, maybe you'll see a decrease out there too.