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Topic subjectYou guys remember the guy who keyed my (old) car ?
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13390256, You guys remember the guy who keyed my (old) car ?
Posted by Brew, Mon Jun-22-20 09:40 PM

(skimming thru that post just now has been a lot of fun by the way lol)

Anyway - fuckface got in a car accident right in front of my house on Saturday. His fault. I stood on my front porch cackling while he sheepishly exchanged information with the guy he struck. Karma is a bitch motherfucker.

Sadly he wasn't hurt, and the damage to his car was relatively minimal. But it's still nice knowing the internal torture he's going thru because of how anal he is about his stupid car. Sometimes it's the little things.

PS - I don't know if Lach posts here anymore, feel like I haven't seen his name in a while - but I just noticed in the original post that he asked me what part of Boston I'm in and that I never responded. If you see this, that wasn't intentional bruh - I'm in Dorchester.
13390257, Feel good story of the day!
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Jun-22-20 09:47 PM
13390258, Hahaha - I thought so.
Posted by Brew, Mon Jun-22-20 09:52 PM
13390266, Heh, nice!
Posted by Pete Burns, Tue Jun-23-20 01:15 AM
13390275, Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma Chameleoooon
Posted by Dstl1, Tue Jun-23-20 09:33 AM