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Topic subjectPublic Enemy - STATE OF THE UNION (STFU) feat DJ Premier
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13389901, Public Enemy - STATE OF THE UNION (STFU) feat DJ Premier
Posted by thegodcam, Fri Jun-19-20 10:31 AM

13389915, Good to see Flav back with the camp
Posted by Adwhizz, Fri Jun-19-20 11:18 AM
Also cool for them to shout out Run the Jewels
13390273, From what I understand
Posted by The3rdOne, Tue Jun-23-20 09:22 AM
He never left
13389918, RE: Public Enemy - STATE OF THE UNION (STFU) feat DJ Premier
Posted by Crisco, Fri Jun-19-20 11:21 AM
I like it. I've been feeling Militant as a mug lately.
I needed this.
13390178, how them gals been treatin ya big homey
Posted by mikediggz, Mon Jun-22-20 12:46 PM
13389919, I like it
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Fri Jun-19-20 11:23 AM
13389922, this is great
Posted by mista k5, Fri Jun-19-20 11:28 AM
13389923, glad PE is still rocking
Posted by Roadblock, Fri Jun-19-20 11:29 AM
13390068, Love 'em enought to to cirtisize em
Posted by handle, Sat Jun-20-20 10:16 PM

I Flav could have made the chorus RHYME it would have flowed a lot smother to me.
13390069, The hook doesn't flow but I will give them a pass
Posted by EAS, Sat Jun-20-20 11:25 PM
It is a protest song and we, the people, are tired. Tired of the divisiveness. Tired of the double standards. Tired of these fools getting away with everything. The hook reflects how you would sound when you're that fed up and just tired. His speeches be about nothing and so do his rallies. It is shocking how low the bar has been set.

The song though.....is tight. It doesn't make me wanna break shit like Fight the Power. It just helps me vent and breathe just to get shit off my chest.
13390072, I love it. I like how it sounds like a soundbite.
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Sun Jun-21-20 12:53 AM
13390071, Chuck D’s flow still hits as hard as it did 30 years ago
Posted by ThaTruth, Sat Jun-20-20 11:45 PM
13390181, dope jam...i fux wit it
Posted by mikediggz, Mon Jun-22-20 12:47 PM
somebody said during their last recent round of drama that it was only a matter of time before flav would be back lol
13390194, This is the protest anthem song
Posted by Lurkmode, Mon Jun-22-20 01:48 PM
Public Enemy