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Topic subjectwhats the best free software for ripping CD's
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13374425, whats the best free software for ripping CD's
Posted by Oakley, Sat Mar-21-20 11:12 AM
figure this is a good time to finish ripping all of my CD's.
13374426, iTunes (easiest), or EAC (as difficult as you want)
Posted by handle, Sat Mar-21-20 11:20 AM

Guide: https://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=EAC_Configuration_Wizard
13374427, RE: iTunes (easiest), or EAC (as difficult as you want)
Posted by Oakley, Sat Mar-21-20 11:28 AM
thank you
13374455, I just use Windows Media Player
Posted by bigkarma, Sat Mar-21-20 07:22 PM
If I insert a music CD, it automatically asks me if I want to play or rip.
13374458, I legit thought it was a reup of a post from 2007.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Sat Mar-21-20 08:04 PM

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13374459, that was probably about the time i lost steam about
Posted by Oakley, Sat Mar-21-20 08:06 PM
half way through ripping my collection
13374468, lol me too.
Posted by Brew, Sat Mar-21-20 10:50 PM
13374472, What the fuck is a CD?
Posted by Nopayne, Sat Mar-21-20 11:20 PM
13374664, right?
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Mar-23-20 12:40 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13374658, WMP still works
Posted by infin8, Mon Mar-23-20 12:11 PM
13374812, Mediamonkey?
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Mar-24-20 11:18 AM
I think you can adjust the bitrate of the rip, if that's your kind of thing.
13375065, XLD if you have a Mac
Posted by MeshaMeesh, Wed Mar-25-20 02:28 PM



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13375416, ... what’s the best website for YT to MP3 converting
Posted by CherNic, Fri Mar-27-20 06:19 AM