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Topic subjectWhat’s the price of gas where you are?
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13370351, What’s the price of gas where you are?
Posted by MEAT, Tue Mar-03-20 06:28 PM
Just saw 1.88 in San Antonio
It never seems to follow any rhyme or reason.
13370352, Los Angeles (South Bay)
Posted by Selah, Tue Mar-03-20 06:31 PM
costco - 3.15
non-membership range - 3.49-3.79
13370353, Sheesh
Posted by MEAT, Tue Mar-03-20 06:35 PM
13370354, been fluctuating, see it around $2.24 one day then $2.04 the next
Posted by mista k5, Tue Mar-03-20 06:36 PM
i think its cuz theyre still going through that winter fuel. i think most places will go up to $2.20 around here before long.
13370358, $35 for an 8th
Posted by IsaIsaIsa, Tue Mar-03-20 06:46 PM
13370364, lol.
Posted by CyrenYoung, Tue Mar-03-20 07:04 PM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
13370484, Hahaha lol
Posted by Brew, Tue Mar-03-20 10:22 PM
13370360, Seattle Area: $2.95 Arco/Costco/Fred Meyer/Safeway. $3.45 or more...
Posted by PROMO, Tue Mar-03-20 06:56 PM
at the majors (Shell, Chevron, 76, etc.)
13370362, between $3.49 - $3.69 Southern California
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Mar-03-20 06:56 PM
13370375, Charlotte - $1.93
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Mar-03-20 07:34 PM
13370386, $1.95 Memphis
Posted by Ray_Snill, Tue Mar-03-20 07:55 PM

13370402, $2.20 STL
Posted by SuiteLady, Tue Mar-03-20 08:20 PM
13370485, Boston $2.50 - $2.80
Posted by Brew, Tue Mar-03-20 10:23 PM
13370499, $2.06 on my side of Atlanta.
Posted by JFrost1117, Tue Mar-03-20 10:43 PM
$2.01 with the BP discount.
13370614, anywhere from 2.10 to 2.60 on Northside
Posted by CherNic, Wed Mar-04-20 09:35 AM
Might even be higher closer to the stadium...
13371369, RE: anywhere from 2.10 to 2.60 on Northside
Posted by JFrost1117, Thu Mar-05-20 04:46 PM
I have to do the 50 Cent “pull off and laugh” gif when I see people downtown paying $2.89 or some shit.
13370631, 2.10 - 2.80 Houston, TX
Posted by Coprolalia, Wed Mar-04-20 10:00 AM
2.05 - 2.18 in suburbs
13370632, Tampa - It was $2.15 on Monday when we filled up. n/m
Posted by Marbles, Wed Mar-04-20 10:01 AM
13370661, Average is $3.53, cheapest is $3.13 in San Diego
Posted by handle, Wed Mar-04-20 10:50 AM
We have about 100 websites dedicated to it.

Here's the local ABC News page on it:


Why do we pay so much?
Factual, reasonable reasons: We don't have the refineries and the refineries are far away so it cost more to transport.

Actual reason: Becuase the gas manufacturers FUCK us for profit, and pander to the south to keep them voting Republican.
13370666, I just got $1.85
Posted by AtoZ 0toInfinity, Wed Mar-04-20 10:59 AM
Raleigh Durham

I had to look twice
13370669, 1.99 charlotte costco
Posted by fontgangsta, Wed Mar-04-20 11:03 AM
13370686, no clue mostly electric
Posted by tomjohn29, Wed Mar-04-20 11:46 AM
havent got gas in 7 weeks
13370725, & I bet you shred on that CyberQuad too
Posted by Cam, Wed Mar-04-20 12:41 PM
13370785, mad max in air max
Posted by tomjohn29, Wed Mar-04-20 01:53 PM
13370814, What are you driving?
Posted by MEAT, Wed Mar-04-20 02:21 PM
13370703, $2.35 in Minneapolis
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Mar-04-20 12:07 PM
the spot I go to is at $2.15
13370716, $2.15/$2.75 @ Costco in D.C.
Posted by Cam, Wed Mar-04-20 12:34 PM
About $.30/$.15 cents more at all the other nearby places who don't price gouge.
13370802, RTP 2.30s
Posted by mikediggz, Wed Mar-04-20 02:10 PM
13370905, North Jersey: $2.35
Posted by Damali, Wed Mar-04-20 04:05 PM
13371331, The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Caused the Biggest Global Oil Demand Dip in History
Posted by MEAT, Thu Mar-05-20 03:41 PM