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Topic subjectWhat's the most egregious example of a not hood person playing a hood
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13354984, What's the most egregious example of a not hood person playing a hood
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Nov-07-19 10:39 AM
in a movie.

I nominate Daman Wayans starring as T-Bone in Colors.


I know the Wayans are from the projects, but he ain't this dude.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13354986, T-Bone the always high as shit guy in the hood.
Posted by SooperEgo, Thu Nov-07-19 10:43 AM
Damon played him right. T-Bone wasn't right in the head no way so when you add drugs into the mix, that's what you get.

now gimme my bunny rabbit!!
13354992, Don Cheadle.
Posted by soulpsychodelicyde, Thu Nov-07-19 10:57 AM
13355035, all of Colors, really
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Nov-07-19 01:53 PM
The Rico Suave guy, Mario Lopez, Maria Conchita Alonzo, that one black dude from Hollywood Shuffle. The "cutting in McFly" redhead
13355000, Chiwitel Ejiofor in Four Brothers
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Thu Nov-07-19 11:16 AM


"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
13355003, Cuba Gooding Jr in Boyz in the Hood
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Nov-07-19 11:39 AM
I know he wasn’t playing a hood dude but he was so unbelievable on that role.

Love the movie but his mannerisms always cracked me up. You could tell he practiced his stance in a mirror for months.
13355023, Wasn't he playing a square that moved from a nice neighborhood...
Posted by flipnile, Thu Nov-07-19 01:09 PM
...to the hood? I forgot what his mom's hood was like in the movie, so I'm not sure.

Same with Ricky. He was in the hood, but played sports so he was shielded from a lot of the BS (until his crew got mixed-up w/ them bloods).
13355026, He moved in permanently with his dad when he was like 11 or 12
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Nov-07-19 01:31 PM
He spent weekends and summers with his dad too

More than enough time to have a little swag.

He fit the role for the movie but personally he was always a fish out of water in that movie.

13355031, Yea you both have a point for sure.
Posted by Brew, Thu Nov-07-19 01:42 PM
Cuba def looked unnatural even playing a fish out of water in that role. I can picture exactly what you're talking about re: him practicing in front of a mirror for months for that role lol. He's so stiff. But it worked.

Great movie.
13355012, Franklin from Snowfall
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Nov-07-19 12:23 PM
manages to sound more LA than most of LA
13355386, ^
Posted by Roadblock, Fri Nov-08-19 07:27 PM
13355013, Eddie Murphy post 80's
Posted by bigkarma, Thu Nov-07-19 12:24 PM
That first run...48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places...Eddie WAS that young, hip, street-wise dude.

Then never again...

When he came back for the sequels and Golden Child, he almost seemed to be doing an impression of his younger self.

Then after his long string of family movies, he tried to recapture that character in Tower Heist, and it was painful to watch. Actually, Charlie Murphy would have hit that role out of the park.

13355014, Gabby Sidibe in Precious.
Posted by lightworks, Thu Nov-07-19 12:25 PM
13355357, Nah, she killed that role
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Nov-08-19 04:30 PM
13355022, Johnny Depp
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Nov-07-19 01:06 PM
13355169, That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Are they suppose to be Latino?
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Nov-08-19 04:32 AM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13355284, they have a scene where the gang expert is teaching depp cholo lingo
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Nov-08-19 01:16 PM
and how to mad dog. And the first time he puts it to use. I couldn't find those tho

This was a 3 part special jump st deep dive into gang culture. I used to have it recorded on VHS lol
13355170, Oddly the Dude in yellow who I'm assuming is supposed
Posted by Adwhizz, Fri Nov-08-19 05:12 AM
to be the "real" Gangbanger comes off as more of an undercover cop than Depp in this scene
13355285, I also love how the beginning of the scene is night time
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Nov-08-19 01:19 PM
and 10 seconds later it's the afternoon
13355367, I said FORGET about it cuh
Posted by T Reynolds, Fri Nov-08-19 04:55 PM
13355372, the claasik
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Nov-08-19 05:10 PM
scene also always reminds me of pre gentrified Venice

13355027, Gary Oldman in True Romance
Posted by navajo joe, Thu Nov-07-19 01:31 PM
13355172, that was so cringey even back in the day.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Nov-08-19 07:41 AM
13355200, "He musta thought it was white boy day"
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Nov-08-19 09:43 AM
13355207, See, you can tell I am a country boy because I bought it.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Nov-08-19 09:54 AM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13355298, I got mad at this reply... til I googled
Posted by Amritsar, Fri Nov-08-19 01:50 PM
holy moly
13355336, "Nigga, get out of my face with that bullshit!" - Gary Oldman
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Nov-08-19 03:53 PM
13355522, the comments tho.... ;(
Posted by Amritsar, Tue Nov-12-19 12:24 PM
13355364, i just found this interview from the set in 1993
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Nov-08-19 04:39 PM

crazy. talking about Tarantino being the new kid on the block
13355030, Larenz Tate as "O-Dog" in Menace 2 Society
Posted by infin8, Thu Nov-07-19 01:39 PM
Larenz Tate as "Lucky" in Waist Deep
13355287, I came to say this
Posted by Hitokiri, Fri Nov-08-19 01:27 PM
13355360, Nope. He was good in that role
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Nov-08-19 04:34 PM
Maybe it was the timing of the movie but he had me shook. Reminded me of my boy but with a gun instead of his fist.

Ionno if it was seeing it in NYC and paying so much to see it but that movie had me and my sister on the edge of our seats.

Colors tho... crazy how a movie that was so real is now comical once you get older.

13355591, maybe he was ahead of his time, LOL
Posted by infin8, Tue Nov-12-19 06:41 PM
I'll give you "O-Dog"

but "Lucky" hell naw.

13355033, David Simon was telling a story about dude who played Chris Partlow
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Nov-07-19 01:48 PM
While they were on set, talking to him about how they went to the same prep school, and Chris was trying to get him to keep it down because he thought it was fucking up his cred with the Baltimore kids lol
13355059, On that note, him and Gary Carr/C.C. on The Deuce
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Nov-07-19 03:30 PM
Posted by double negative, Fri Nov-08-19 05:31 PM
I fell out when I learned he was English AF and then I moved on with my life because every damn person white, black or whatever playing 'Merican characters is from England, New Zealand or Australia.

13355034, Black Acting School
Posted by AtoZ 0toInfinity, Thu Nov-07-19 01:50 PM
really be gettin dudes work
13355052, Easily Braxton from Jamie Foxx playing Spiro in Original Gangstas
Posted by silenttype, Thu Nov-07-19 03:00 PM
13355362, Winner!!!!
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Nov-08-19 04:37 PM
13355063, Cuba Gooding Jr younger brother in Baby Boy or Janet Jackson
Posted by Musa, Thu Nov-07-19 03:41 PM
in Poetic Justice
13355148, T-Bone was pretty dead-on, especially in that era.
Posted by isaaaa, Thu Nov-07-19 08:36 PM

Anti-gentrification, cheap alcohol & trying to look pretty in our twilight posting years (c) Big Reg
13355168, Mario Van Peebles "Rappin" (1985)
Posted by Original Juice, Fri Nov-08-19 02:58 AM
Mario Van Peebles as Rappin Hood in the motion picture "Rappin."

13355195, Not about his cred, but now way I'm trusting Ice-T if I'm Wesley...
Posted by flipnile, Fri Nov-08-19 09:37 AM
Dude just popped-up up in the projects all lite with no spanish accent/connects and no recognizable skills. Didn't hustle, wasn't a shooter, wasn't a brain, wasn't a front/legit guy, etc.
13355272, Michael Ealy in Barbershop....
Posted by KnowOne, Fri Nov-08-19 12:25 PM
he played the role of a hood perfect.... but seems nothing like that in real life.
Posted by ABC_Style, Fri Nov-08-19 02:24 PM
Always loved this scene from Black Dynamite

13355324, Braxton from the Jamie Foxx show
Posted by bentagain, Fri Nov-08-19 03:12 PM
Played a tough in original gangsters

IDK, he might even be a real hood dude

But the contrast of Braxton and OG Spyro = LOL

I'll never forget the image of Braxton wearing a doo-rag and thugging it up


still funny.
13355349, Bokeem Woodbine isn't the most egregious but Hollywood was doing him foul
Posted by micMajestic, Fri Nov-08-19 04:21 PM
I remember seeing him in walking around Soho maybe 20 years ago and dude's gait & style of dress indicated a very "preppy" upbringing. His wiki seems to back that up also, yet he was cast in all sorts of thug roles back in the day. See Jason's Lyric, Strapped, Caught Up, etc.

This is more recent, but you can kinda see what I'm saying from this pic.

Yes he's from Harlem, but so am I, and I'm not "hood".

13355350, I feel like that was a semi-comedic performance anyway
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Nov-08-19 04:21 PM
13355361, It was... which is why I don’t agree with it.
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Nov-08-19 04:36 PM
but Braxton from Jamie Foxx.. that’s the winner.
13355402, Franco in Spring Breakers or most of the Lean on Me cast
Posted by sosumi, Sat Nov-09-19 01:04 PM
13355524, Franco was doing a good job impersonating Riff Raff
Posted by Adwhizz, Tue Nov-12-19 12:53 PM
I'll give him that much
13355450, Yall forgot MJJ in Beat It.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon Nov-11-19 01:13 PM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13355523, Don't think dance battles on subway platforms count as "hood"
Posted by flipnile, Tue Nov-12-19 12:40 PM
Never seen two dudes shoot a fair one on the cardboard w/ windmills.
13355493, the late Paul Walker had some lines in Fast & Furious and Takers...
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue Nov-12-19 10:19 AM
that were like "really dude"
13355520, Joseph Sikora aka Tommy on Power.
Posted by Ascension, Tue Nov-12-19 12:21 PM
the lines and his mannerisms on that show is comical.

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