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Topic subjectSo what that Green Book was rightfully roasted?
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13355373, So what that Green Book was rightfully roasted?
Posted by kevlar skully, Fri Nov-08-19 05:11 PM
nothing about Green Book was a "black movie" or for black audiences, btw.

Even actors like Sam Jackson were publicly upset that a non american stared in Get Out so the sentiment that it'd be great to cast an American to play an actual historical American hero isn't solely lead by ADOS. From Chiwetel in 12 Years to Oyelowo playing King; it's something people have noticed and of course the latest instance will be called out as a undesirable pattern.

Django wasn't an actual historical figure and was made specifically to be a action pulp movie. There's significant reasons why people respond to a Harriett Tubman movie was much more reverence.

I think if you make movies for black people to actually like; we'll generally like them.

Green Book wasn't made for black people, at all. It was made for white boomers to feel better about racism; of course it was roasted by most black folks; the shit was insulting tripe.

Girls Trip is tripe too but it's just for fun and was made specifically for black women to have stupid fun with and it was very successfully. Both Green Book and Girls Trip knew their audiences but only one movie thinks it's something it's not.

If black people aren't pumped about this particular Pixar movie, that doesn't mean making black movies is oh so much harder. It means that you should know your audience you claim to cater to.

There's a good chance I'll never watch Harriet or Soul and that's fine. It shouldn't be used as an excuse for any production company to not use black talent in front of and behind the camera.