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Topic subjectBruh can you chill the fcuk out?
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13355277, Bruh can you chill the fcuk out?
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Nov-08-19 12:49 PM
You guns blazing about two movies neither of which you have seen. You've decided that Cynthia Erivo hates black people based on some tweets. ADOS wasn't even a term a few years ago and there has never been a movement against casting a black person for a role because they weren't African-American (Where was the movement against Chiwetel Ejiofor for his role in Twelve Years A Slave?)

Whether Harriet has a white savior has been heavily disputed by people who have actually seen the film but a little over 5 years ago there was a Slave Movie which 100% had a White Savior written and directed by a person who has a well known and documented issues with race and yet do you remember any effort to boycott Django (I actually just googled #boycottDjango and it was white conservatives who were mad at the movie). You think Django would receive the same reception today?

Greenbook did a tried and true Oscar formula and that movie was roasted by black people (despite critical and box office success).

Hell Spike caught hell from black people for BlackKlansman for glorifying someone who was spying on the Black Panthers. When has Spike ever been given shit for not being Pro-Black enough?

Even if you don't include the issue of whitewash casting, you see there are sensitivies around racial issues in film you didn't see years ago.

Not saying all black movies get trashed. Black Panther and Get Out are good examples of how to avoid the pitfalls because the important thing to note about those movies is that they both have Black Directors and Writers.

Giving all that though, now you really want to double down and say for certainity that Soul, a film about a black Jazz Musician written and directed by a White Guy from the midwest, may run into issues like Greenbook and will be received by Get Out and Black Panther? Again, for a movie you haven't seen yet?

Having not seen the film, I at least had the sense to say I could be wrong and left room for doubt but if you are so certain...well let's just check back in a few months.

>Movies like Us, Get Out, Black Panther, BlackKKKlansman etc do
>really well
>in general, black audiences have been over movies focused on
>chattel slavery, especially when the star hates black
>Americans and the movie has anything that can be considered a
>white savior. From what I've read about the film, they have
>seemingly gone out of their way to earn the opposite of a
>positive "Get Out" like buzz.
>So I don't know why you're acting like 'it's hard for big
>studios to make black films for wide audiences' because one
>slave movie with a star that is anti-black American has poor
>social media buzz? The fuck do you expect: for black Americans
>to just eat up anything uncritically just because? That's
>insulting, but do you.
>Harriet wouldn't have done any better 5 years ago, seriously.
>I don't know why any black person would cape for that movie
>besides generally being a contradictory smart dummy.

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