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Topic subjectI agree with some of what you said....
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13356098, I agree with some of what you said....
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Nov-15-19 12:12 PM
>Those two would excite people.
>In general, though, the poplace seems to look strictly to
>clebrities now - there appears to be less of a serious
>appetite for professional politicians to run for national

Not necessarily celebrities but they are looking for another "Obama" and he was a once in a lifetime candidate.

>My theory is that capable, talented people, the types who used
>to be drawn to politics, are making way more money in finance
>and the private sector and don't have as much interest in
>political power, as in previous eras. So all the people in
>serious contention for the last two cycles are old, as a

^^^I think this is very true.