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Topic subjectRE:to work others would need to dropout -not as a delegate strategy tho.
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13355993, RE:to work others would need to dropout -not as a delegate strategy tho.
Posted by kfine, Thu Nov-14-19 06:11 PM
If the dems end up having a brokered convention then it switches to a delegate vote, and delegates can switch to whomever from their initial candidate. Have to google the exact number delegates a candidate needs to win but I want to say ~2000?? Maybe more?

I forget the article I read recently where an insider opened up about how greasy the delegate securing process can get. A lot of pledges exchanged for admin posts/political favors and stuff. Real backroom deal shit.

So it seems, to avoid having insiders install whoever it is they want, "one" candidate would have to sweep the caucuses/primaries to negate the possibility of a brokered convention in the first place. Things are pretty polarized tho. Not to mention... the highest polling candidate who's attracting across the ideological spectrum and raising a shit-ton of money can't seem to win folks' trust/confidence he could bring it home in a GE (despite multiple matchup polls suggesting otherwise).

Really not sure what to expect next year tbh, lol

>>Basically: Warren was probably the "insider approved"
>>emergency backup for both Sanders and Biden but she stopped
>>moving as expected and they realized they have no
>>backup-plan-for-the-backup-plan. And their weird
>>calculus won't let them give Buttigieg a chance. So now it
>>appears their plan is to pump more moderates in the field
>>insiders and all their Never45 friends can "get behind", who
>>can replace Warren as the emergency backup nominee and peel
>>away Buttigieg delegates if he keeps outperforming Biden.
>Right. It just seems like for it to work, others would have
>to drop out.