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Topic subjectRE: Most Dems are moderate
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13355969, RE: Most Dems are moderate
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Nov-14-19 04:06 PM

>Booker isn’t doing better because he’s Black. We aren’t
>getting another Black President for a loooooong time. Like not
>in our lifetime long time.

I was *kind of* being tongue in cheek with the Booker vs Pete comparison for this reason. Even considering that, the huge separation between the two doesn't really add up to me.

I'd say its a combo of racism, folks not trusting white america again (fair), people liking an outsider, and I'm guessing Booker's campaign isn't very well run or something.

If there really are dem voters out there who don't like Warren's 'anger' (lol) etc...Booker is all positivity every time I hear him speak.