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Topic subjectwhen people talk about the dangers of dems going 'too far left'
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13355957, when people talk about the dangers of dems going 'too far left'
Posted by Reeq, Thu Nov-14-19 03:26 PM
the 2 tweets above are why.

we can complain all we want on here in our insulated left of center online community.

but we arent a progressive nation. and the electorate (the people who actually cast votes) is even less left than that.

the dem path to victory is pretty clear. in va 2017/2019, ky/pa 2019 and nationwide 2018 (especially tx/ga/az)...college educated voters in the suburbs swung big towards dems. those folks could likely abandon the party in the event of a further left nominee.

warren is my horse. but we gotta acknowledge the potential for disaster in nominating a candidate like that (mcgovern 1984). theres a reason why she is barely above water in her own (solid blue) state while the *moderate* republican governor is above 70% approval.