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Topic subjectIt really is infuriating. Dems, man
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13355941, It really is infuriating. Dems, man
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Nov-14-19 02:41 PM

On one hand, I get the fear of losing to Trump. I do.

And I can't really pretend to get in the mind of a moderate, but I gotta think they aren't too excited with their leading choices. Though, for the life of me, I don't get why Booker isn't doing better.

Like, how in the fuck is Pete that much more popular than Booker?

And if I'm a moderate, I see all the excitement over Warren and Sanders, I'm probably a little disappointed that I got Weekend at Biden's telling me Cornpop stories and shit.

But a part of me thinks that some Dems aren't afraid Bernie or Warren would lose to Trump. I think they are afraid one of them would win.

As Doc said, the party seems to be more worried about becoming the party of Warren or Bernie than elections being stolen, etc.

And, as usual, much more worried about convincing one R to vote D than getting 3 new voters to the polls.

To your point, Obama isn't walking through that door. But even at that, I think a lot of folks have forgotten some of the progressive/populist shit Obama was saying/promising in his primary. Yes, he talked about unity. But he talked a lot about workers rights, bad trade deals, joining picket lines, etc.