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Topic subjectIt's maddening.
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13355858, It's maddening.
Posted by Brew, Thu Nov-14-19 10:14 AM
>than they are fighting the state-by-state voting cheats that
>denied them the White House in 2016 and governorships like the
>one Stacy Abrams rightfully owns. fuck that Russia shit. it
>was Americans, time and time again.
>Cory Booker ain't good enough for the centrist establishment
>that believes that we are living in 2008 before Obama made
>them all mad and they brought back the poll tax?
>Deval Patrick and Bloomberg talking about running. man, if you
>don't get the fuck. HILLARY talking about running. If you
>don't get the ENTIRE fuck.
>Just be GONE. The politics of the billionaire-appeasing middle
>is OVER.
>Back Warren and brace yourself for Sanders, Democrats. Fuck
>all these imaginary swing voters in Ohio. these niggas ain't
>gonna back off dangling whiteness carrots. make sure people
>can VOTE without much restriction first.