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Topic subjectI don't know about that
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13355582, I don't know about that
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Nov-12-19 05:45 PM
>huge gains for p booty. bernie and liz left an opening on
>healthcare and he took advantage. cant even hate on him.

I am going to have no problem hating on him lol

Even though I called his rise in Iowa, I fucking hate it.

How much of a boost is he getting from white male priv? Plus Biden being Biden?

I mean, I'm sure there is some 'outsider' appeal which we shouldn't underestimate. People of all kinds like an outsider.


Just seems like moderates don't have any exciting choices.

Pete is on fire. Even fucking Klobuchar is gaining. Honestly? Deval Patrick probably should jump in.

Let Pete get some actual arrows now that he is in the lead, make some noise in NH, and build some momentum for SC and beyond.

He'd probably eat Pete and Biden's lunch. And I would probably feel better about his chances in a general versus those two also.

I'm not happy about it, though. I'm frustrated that Warren has stumbled, and the amount of sexism she has already ran into is pretty disheartening.

But, yeah...if DP has presidential aspirations of any kind now is the time.