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Topic subjectmedicare for all likely dead. 3 dems wont nuke the filibuster.
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13355562, medicare for all likely dead. 3 dems wont nuke the filibuster.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Nov-12-19 04:46 PM
theres prolly a lot more who wouldnt nuke it but havent come out in vocal opposition.

Joe Manchin (WV), Jon Tester (MT) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) say they won't vote to nuke the legislative filibuster.

That's probably enough to block major pieces of any 2020 candidate's agenda—Sanders, Warren and (yes) Biden—if Democrats win the tri-fecta.


that puts to rest all of the 'big bold structural change' talk from warren and bernie. i wonder if theyll be forced to modify the message or if theyll keep running on an agenda thats logistically/realistically impossible now.

outside of stuff like voting rights and tax cut repeal (which i believe only requires a simple majority under budget reconciliation process)...theres almost a nonexistent chance of passing any progressive legislation when one party will completely obstruct any proposals that benefit the american people and still get people to vote for them en masse.

and this is all assuming dems get a majority of senate seats in 2020.