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Topic subjectWATCH: 2019 Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice
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13355420, WATCH: 2019 Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice
Posted by bentagain, Sun Nov-10-19 10:55 AM
Apparently, climate change is a big deal to voters in SC...go figure.


The first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice was held on Friday night in South Carolina. Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman and former EPA official Mustafa Ali co-moderated the event.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, Tom Steyer, Marianne Williamson, John Delaney and Joe Sestak took part in the forum at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg.

The forum — hosted by the National Black Caucus of State Legislators and leaders from frontline and tribal communities, civil rights, youth and environmental organizations — included discussion on how presidential hopefuls intend to manage the impacts of the climate crisis on the communities most affected.