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Topic subjectah okay. You think everything is an agenda
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13355274, ah okay. You think everything is an agenda
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Nov-08-19 12:44 PM

That's why everything is an argument with you. Its also why you don't leave room to admit the weaknesses of your heroes. Got it.

>REEEEEEQ what happened to Biden/Kamala for America?

He changed his mind, man. People are allowed to do that. Especially as time goes on, more information comes out, etc.

Not only that, but I'm pretty sure he straight up admitted he was wrong on Biden specifically.

Again, not only are people allowed to do that- but it is a pretty good sign of maturity.

And this is my point- eventually, I hope you grow out of your hero worship/ agenda style politics.

You calling Reeq out for being 'wrong' on this only further highlights your foolish stannery of your heroes. Seriously man, these famous people you worship are not saints. Leave yourself room to change your mind and allow grey areas, etc.