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Topic subjectWe gonna do this every time?
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13355199, We gonna do this every time?
Posted by Vex_id, Fri Nov-08-19 09:42 AM
She's appeared on every radio show from the political spectrum - from left-wing fringe greens to Conservative Libertarians - and everywhere in between.

If you want to run for President - it's wise to speak to all Americans (who you will be representing should you succeed). Her media strategy has worked pretty well for her thus far.

What's both interesting and sad is that some right-wing shows have treated her more fairly than centrist programming on cnn and msnbc - where they essentially read off of a script and ask her questions she's already answered 175 times before.

But yea - I guess she just only go on the Rachel Maddow show and speak to ~17% of the electorate? Makes sense.