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Topic subjectshe must really believe strongly in M4A
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13355120, she must really believe strongly in M4A
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Nov-07-19 06:54 PM

Yeah man I was surprised myself.

When you look at even just through the lens of winning the primary, it was an odd move.

I really doubt Bernie is going to lose a significant amount of support and he clearly isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In other words, I don't think Liz dropping a detailed plan was ever going to win over Sanders supporters- and thats understandable.

Seems like she could have picked off some Biden supporters, etc by just not being as 'radical' as Bernie. Had she left some wiggle room, she probably could have won over more moderate Dems- especially given the terrible options there.

But she left the door open for someone like Pete, and I imagine it probably contributed at least a little to the Billionaire Mayor jumping in late.

Only thing I can come up with? She must really, really believe in M4A cuz she risked a lot by doubling down.