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Topic subjectLol oh lord. What's your guess on the strategy here? Why Alabama??
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13355114, Lol oh lord. What's your guess on the strategy here? Why Alabama??
Posted by kfine, Thu Nov-07-19 06:37 PM

I mean it's looking pretty clear he's trying to run as a spoiler.. but for whom lol...

The consensus online seems to converge on him aiming to be an alternative (replacement??) to Biden... He's far wealthier than Biden and can self-fund in contrast to Biden's fundraising issues... so is he filing in a southern state to start trying to compete against Biden's stronghold in the south?

Or is he moreso after Warren (or someone else "unpalatable"... i.e. Sanders, Buttigieg etc), and starting in Alabama because it's a Super Tuesday state which would allow him to watch for who sweeps the early states before pouncing..? Perhaps he'll be focusing more on securing superdelegate support, since the race is likely headed towards a brokered convention anyway?? Superdelegates is probably where he has an advantage over the field.

Or both?? Having trouble understanding billionarese lol.

Oh and the quote floating aroung about his concern that the top polling candidates aren't well-positioned to beat 45 is silly, given recent matchups all have them beating him and the margins have been growing throught the year.

Also, some folks online wishing that he'd run as a republican or independent instead and pull Repub votes from 45 lol

Whatever the case, Dem politics right now is... interesting.