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Topic subjectbtw i think warren releasing her plan for m4a might have been
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13355097, btw i think warren releasing her plan for m4a might have been
Posted by Reeq, Thu Nov-07-19 05:04 PM
one of the worst things that happened to it.

bernie is just like fuck it we are gonna raise your taxes but hypothetically decrease out of pocket medical expenses.

warren...who usually has clear concise sensible plans for everything...put out a convoluted mess just to stick to the 'no tax raises for the middle class' script. it relies on stuff like immigration reform passing...which we know wont happen.

it makes some smooth palatable form of medicare for all seem like a pipe dream to many people now.

earlier in the campaign...it felt like she was doing the right thing imo...and leaving room to pivot to something transitional like a public option (she stated medicare for all was simply a 'framework'). but then she doubled down after she was put under pressure during/following the last debate.

i think her doubling down on m4a as it falls in popularity is the main reason for her leveling off or falling in polls. bernie already has m4a baked into his cake. no matter how (un)favorable the general public views it...those who support him are riding with him on everything regardless. but liz is kinda live with the plan/policy die by the plan/policy.