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Topic subjectbernie is running on stuff a lot of dems would lose their seat over.
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13355085, bernie is running on stuff a lot of dems would lose their seat over.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Nov-07-19 04:26 PM
dems lost 60+ seats in the midterms following the passage of obamacare. obama knew that was a possibility and convinced many dems to support it because it was the right thing to do. but 2010 was an absolute disaster for dems (and america) and the consequences are still being felt today with gerrymandered districts, voter suppression via repub legislatures/govs/sos that won in those midterms, etc.

dont expect dems to stick their necks out like that again any time soon.

not to mention...dems needed a virtual supermajority in the senate to get that past the finish line. theyd be fortunate to get a simple majority this time around. especially when you consider the fact that bernie winning would leave a senate seat open for the republican vt gov to appoint a replacement to for about a year (and a repub might win that seat later).

plus...in 30 years of work in congress...bernie hasnt really built a coalition/network among the majority of democrats. he hadnt really been a big campaigner/fundraiser for dem allies like biden/warren/harris. he has no real ties to the congressional black/hispanic caucus. and he has a pretty bad record on primary endorsements (no coattails).