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Topic subjectRE: Right, which further makes the point
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13354902, RE: Right, which further makes the point
Posted by Stadiq, Wed Nov-06-19 06:56 PM
>>Why is Warren less liked than Bernie to these people?
>>only one real big difference between the two.
>You can look to my response above that calls out the misogyny
>associated with that.

I didn't say that you didn't.

>>Oh, and Bernie actually calls himself a socialist.
>Democratic Socialist - let's be accurate.

I'm talking in context of how this specific group of voters would view him.

To your point, they will both be labeled socialists. Only difference is that Bernie actually wears the label proudly. This group isn't going to care about the 'democratic' part of his label. He's a socialist to them.

You would think *that* would hurt him more than Warren's gender, but he is actually quite a bit more popular with this group.

It is...disappointing and a little surprising.

There is no reason to dislike Warren that much more than Bernie, other than the obvious.

>>If nothing else, take this and run with it. Maybe Bernie
>>really is more electable- though I hate the idea of catering
>>to this group.
>I also don't think it's true to the point where we should just
>pick the guy to cater to these prejudiced segments of the
>electorate. If Warren is the candidate you believe in - you
>should run with that, period. She's qualified and the fact
>that she's a woman should be something celebrated, not
>something she's penalized for.

Well, yeah. Okay. Not everything needs to be a big debate. Warren is still my preferred candidate, and we all obviously hate the sexism at play.

And I think there is still time to win some of those folks over, but that gap is a little disappointing to see in the context of winning the election. And Bernie's # might be inflated by comparison due to name recognition I suppose.

Just pointing out that, if anything, you should just take this poll as a plus for your guy.

Do you ever not argue? lol I didn't say anything bad about Tulsi, Lebron, and I even complimented Bernie's chances. lol nothing to debate man