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Topic subjectrare instance of where we agree:
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13354862, rare instance of where we agree:
Posted by Vex_id, Wed Nov-06-19 04:15 PM

>republicans specifically targeted this group for re-alignment
>with the southern strategy, contract with america, etc. thats
>what the racist dogwhistling and white identity politics is
>for. reagan democrats and trump rust belt converts are the
>same thing. this is not a new playbook (they even used the
>same exact maga slogan).

Absolutely - Republicans pivoted post civil rights to appeal to the "silent majority" with Nixon which set off this NeoCon movement that has its footing into the white nationalist segment of the electorate (which is larger than most thought it was).

>if it was just about 'limousine liberals' talking down to
>them...then why do dems draw expanding majorities with the
>working class of every other demo but whites without a college
>degree? exactly. theres something specific to this one
>particular group.

Well - it's definitely because the Republicans have dog whistled and played to the fears/racism of that electorate as you noted, but it's also because of a lack of competition: The Dems have been able to summon the POC vote simply because Republicans have committed political (and moral) malpractice by abandoning that demographic - which will put the nail in their coffin soon enough (already seeing signs of it with last night's wins in VA and KY).

>the biggest exoduses of non-college degree whites from the dem
>party happened after the signing of the civil rights act of
>1964 (the majority of whites have never voted for a dem prez
>since then) and the election of the 1st black president.

Yes - but also important to note that it was the Democratic party that was the epitome of racism, Jim Crow, and pro-slavery for over a century before the parties flipped identity during the Civil Rights movement. Why do I bring this up? Because the parties have proven to be malleable - such that we can't just oversimplify things and say the Democratic Party has always been the party of justice -- it most certainly hasn't -- but is our best bet right today in 2019.