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Topic subjectyoure leaving out a ton of historical context
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13354853, youre leaving out a ton of historical context
Posted by Reeq, Wed Nov-06-19 04:02 PM
that has nothing to do with hrc.

republicans specifically targeted this group for re-alignment with the southern strategy, contract with america, etc. thats what the racist dogwhistling and white identity politics is for. reagan democrats and trump rust belt converts are the same thing. this is not a new playbook (they even used the same exact maga slogan).

if it was just about 'limousine liberals' talking down to them...then why do dems draw expanding majorities with the working class of every other demo but whites without a college degree? exactly. theres something specific to this one particular group.

the biggest exoduses of non-college degree whites from the dem party happened after the signing of the civil rights act of 1964 (the majority of whites have never voted for a dem prez since then) and the election of the 1st black president. coincidence?

other than that...liberal activist stances on abortion, fossil fuels, and marriage equality have polarized many of ncd whites against the dem party as well. which is why repubs center entire campaigns around these issues to this day (liberals going 'too left').