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Topic subjectWe Are All On The Same Team
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13354138, We Are All On The Same Team
Posted by Reeq, Thu Oct-31-19 09:21 AM
i just wanted to emphasize that cuz i think we lose sight of the much bigger and more important picture sometimes.

when its time to do what we need to do...i believe we have each others back.
13354143, https://m.imgur.com/gallery/82TafYL
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Thu Oct-31-19 09:28 AM
13354146, Nah. We all suffer the same but we’re not on the same team
Posted by MEAT, Thu Oct-31-19 09:31 AM
Because we make different concessions that others might not make.

13354156, I think it's the opposite, we suffer to different degrees but we are all on the
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Oct-31-19 09:40 AM
same team.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13354157, I’ll think on that.
Posted by MEAT, Thu Oct-31-19 09:44 AM
13354999, yep
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Nov-07-19 11:16 AM
13354153, Nah. I have zero trust of liberals, progressives & democrats
Posted by flipnile, Thu Oct-31-19 09:39 AM
None at all. I see how fast they turn on each other. No loyalty. No honor. Just foxes that pretend to not be as bad as the wolves.

That's assuming that you're talking about politics, since the OP is vague about who "we" are.
13354168, RE: We Are All On The Same Team
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Oct-31-19 10:06 AM
>i just wanted to emphasize that cuz i think we lose sight of
>the much bigger and more important picture sometimes.
>when its time to do what we need to do...i believe we have
>each others back.

I'm with you - and it's definitely worth saying this from time to time. We get competitive and have spirited debate - but it's refreshing to see us rally and coalesce together when we need to. That's what family should always do - and the more limbs to our family tree - the deeper our roots can grow.

13354176, Are you talking about the diaspora or okp?
Posted by Kira, Thu Oct-31-19 10:26 AM
I support y'all even my fans and the people stalk me around the internet.

If you're talking about diaspora and black society... I disagree and have proof of you being wrong.
13354213, What team is that?
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Oct-31-19 11:23 AM
13354236, I, too, am curious about that
Posted by Walleye, Thu Oct-31-19 12:09 PM
I know what I want the world to look like. Some of the details are differences of opinion. Some of them are dealbreakers.
13354225, only one question
Posted by PG, Thu Oct-31-19 11:55 AM

13354240, https://youtu.be/wXGgWf2lacM
Posted by Amritsar, Thu Oct-31-19 12:15 PM
13354263, beat me to it
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Oct-31-19 12:36 PM
13354275, was trying to say a similar thing in the AOC post
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Oct-31-19 01:06 PM
Trump is the aggressive malignant tumor and a lot of people act like his removal is not the priority, but just one of many issues. But good luck with all that think bigger/purity shit when this asshat gets re elected

I'm fine with being on some enemy of my enemy short term
13354453, I'm reiterating this point IRL in convos now
Posted by T Reynolds, Fri Nov-01-19 09:01 AM
Just had a convo this morning with my guy in the building.

He basically talked about how Buttigieg (he called him Butcha Cultcha yikes) is not getting the black vote because black people by and large don't support same-sex marriage, and him being Jamaican and Seventh Day Adventist it doesn't go with his personal beliefs. I said yeah, but even if you don't support a gay president you can support the rest of his platform (no matter how vanilla it actually is lol) and his former military service, for example. He said yeah.

Then I just said hey man, it's important to remember, as Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg supporters, whatever, we have to remember the key thing is to keep this president from being re-elected. We're on the same side.

Basically, I'm with this tweet:
13354491, I was wondering about this too. re: Mayor Pete
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Nov-01-19 11:36 AM
Its unlikely he'll be the nominee, but it he was, just how homophobic is America still, or if it would even factor. Theres a general sense/feeling we've moved on but with all the quick recent progress I still know quite people (mostly black/mexican old school types) who still talk about it like its still 93.

Good on you for calmly breaking it down to the neighbor tho

13354502, Oh yeah this was the building where I work
Posted by T Reynolds, Fri Nov-01-19 12:15 PM
My neighbors in my actual building... I'd be VERY curious to see where they stood on politics.

I have a old school Italian super married to a Puerto Rican woman across from me, a Muslim Ghanaian family, and an old Nicaraguan lady that speaks with a full on West Indian accent because that's who she learned english from.

But yeah a good part of the older latin and black population both in NY and LA are not quite as open minded about LGBTQ issues as the white wing of the Democratic party.
13354456, Yep
Posted by makaveli, Fri Nov-01-19 09:11 AM
No candidate is perfect, and compromise is a part of life. Trump needs to go.
13354457, Not when you're still caping for HRC
Posted by bentagain, Fri Nov-01-19 09:22 AM
and authoring Biden and Beto 2020 posts

Nah, I'm not on that team.
13354458, It looks we're largely on #teambrothayouwrong
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Nov-01-19 09:25 AM
13354461, lol (literally) @ that link. But you wrong for posting that bro
Posted by flipnile, Fri Nov-01-19 09:38 AM
13354475, I mean that's this post/place in a nutshell
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Nov-01-19 10:34 AM
the funny thing is people gonna be like 'we need more unity in the community" to which someone will say "brotha/sista, YOU wrong" and the cycle will continue

time is a black circle
13354793, lmao basically.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Nov-06-19 01:46 PM
13354462, We're supposed to be but we're not.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Nov-01-19 09:41 AM
13354571, no we are not
Posted by naame, Fri Nov-01-19 05:05 PM

America has imported more warlord theocracy from Afghanistan than it has exported democracy.
13354574, well..
Posted by Trinity444, Fri Nov-01-19 05:34 PM
If I don’t understand what you mean we may or may not be, lol
hence the questions...

13354792, i love this quote by taylor swift.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Nov-06-19 01:45 PM
“We need to stop dissecting why someone’s on our side or if they’re on our side in the right way or if they phrased it correctly,” she told Rolling Stone. “We need to not have the right kind of Democrat and the wrong kind of Democrat. We need to just be like, ‘You’re a Democrat? Sick. Get in the car. We’re going to the mall.’”

i think its dope that shes a loud and proud democrat considering a major portion (maybe the majority) of her fanbase are in those flyover states (like her current home state of tennessee).
13354795, Taylor Swift. ? LOL
Posted by Lurkmode, Wed Nov-06-19 01:57 PM

13354798, most powerful artist on the planet.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Nov-06-19 02:10 PM
been fighting (and winning) for artists rights and rarely gets any credit for it.

also got 65k voters to register in one day off a single instagram post.

dont sleep on tay tay.
13354805, Interesting but
Posted by Lurkmode, Wed Nov-06-19 02:27 PM

>also got 65k voters to register in one day off a single
>instagram post.
>dont sleep on tay tay.

I'm sleeping on Tay until I start to snore, she can't awake me or even make me....


13354810, thats a state trump won by 26 points.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Nov-06-19 02:47 PM
and senator bob corker won by 30 points in 2012.

blackburn only won by about 10 points. thats a significant shift.
13354814, Trump won Kenucky and Alabama by big margins
Posted by Lurkmode, Wed Nov-06-19 02:59 PM

>blackburn only won by about 10 points. thats a significant

Did Tay cause that significant shift ?
13354815, that was the least popular governor in america and a pedophile.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Nov-06-19 03:02 PM
also special/off year elections.

you gotta read past the headlines fam.
13354812, ^^^ hangs out at the mall with joe manchin
Posted by bentagain, Wed Nov-06-19 02:50 PM
You really quoting taylor swift on okayplayer?

That's YOUR team.
13354822, Nah. He just saw this video and figured it's all good now:
Posted by flipnile, Wed Nov-06-19 03:11 PM

I ain't fooled by her antics.
13381141, Adds a really funny layer when he made this post recently...
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Tue Apr-28-20 01:44 PM

He says...
'dont worry about the messenger...just pay attention to the message!'
as a way of mocking that idea.

But he's delivering a political message from Taylor Swift.

"im just tryna help you vet your sources better so you dont run around looking foolish" - Reeq

13354817, Lmao
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Nov-06-19 03:04 PM
13355001, jesus horatio christ
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Nov-07-19 11:23 AM
13370789, we will get there eventually. i still have faith.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Mar-04-20 01:59 PM
13370799, ....
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Mar-04-20 02:09 PM
13370803, At least the Trumpies let me know where they stand
Posted by falafel stand pimpin, Wed Mar-04-20 02:11 PM
I'm not changing their minds so let's just have this beer.

These hoe ass democratic centrists try to act like they're on my side but really are standing in the way of the ultimate dream. They're more like the friends of my enemy. And it's even more sickening when they're under the age of 40. Like... what happened dude.
13370807, they're going to tell you to wait
Posted by Walleye, Wed Mar-04-20 02:15 PM
>These hoe ass democratic centrists try to act like they're on
>my side but really are standing in the way of the ultimate

One more election cycle. One more disastrous era of Republican rule that leaves them exactly the right amount of vulnerable. One more generation through the Democratic bench until the right talent comes along. One more something, over and over and over again.
13370808, nothing wrong with venting lil homie. good luck this semester.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Mar-04-20 02:15 PM
13370811, word up.
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Mar-04-20 02:17 PM
they want Trump out, but forgot how he ever got in.

they won't demand a damn thing of Biden because he's "not Trump".

13370817, MalarkeyCare 2020
Posted by Deebot, Wed Mar-04-20 02:23 PM
13370968, yeah, idk why they don't want to team up with you
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Mar-04-20 08:17 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13370975, lmao
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Mar-04-20 10:18 PM
13370827, Bernie supporters take a beat, go to the beach, get u a massage
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Wed Mar-04-20 02:28 PM
Take a few days off the internet

My Liz got trounced but y’all really need to do something to calm and cope with what y’all going thru
13370830, lol and some of these dudes seem shockingly unaware
Posted by Stadiq, Wed Mar-04-20 02:30 PM

that they continue to play into the stereotype.

13370831, well put. even the deepest broadest coalition on the left needs a vacay.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Mar-04-20 02:30 PM
13370969, This couldn't be more true.
Posted by Brew, Wed Mar-04-20 09:15 PM
One of my friends was furiously texting me all day, along with like 5 others, group texts, etc. Full of rage.
13370979, i'd be full of rage
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Mar-04-20 10:24 PM
from any group text

i hate that shit lol

>One of my friends was furiously texting me all day, along
>with like 5 others, group texts, etc. Full of rage.
13370982, Hahaha fair.
Posted by Brew, Wed Mar-04-20 10:53 PM
>from any group text
>i hate that shit lol

I have a couple that are worth it but other than those I mostly agree. I was so thankful for the "Leave This Conversation" option haha
13381707, RE: i'd be full of rage
Posted by TruOne, Thu Apr-30-20 06:20 PM
13370978, Team Bern wanted to be able to tell centrists to fall the fuck in line
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Mar-04-20 10:23 PM
and do the right thing. which is what centrists tell them every single time around. So i get the disappointment, because they could taste it.

Now they gotta bank on being able to say I told you so (again). Which still has a good chance of happening.
13370897, Man there was Bernie dude on the radio this morning saying he is voting
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Mar-04-20 03:46 PM

I think about half his people were progressive, the other half were burn the whole thing down people.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13370980, some bernibros will grow up to be liberterians
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Mar-04-20 10:26 PM
>I think about half his people were progressive, the other half
>were burn the whole thing down people.
13370967, reminded me of We're All In The Same Gang
Posted by rdhull, Wed Mar-04-20 08:04 PM
13370974, my baby ain't never hurt nobody
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Mar-04-20 09:59 PM
13370970, Black people did it...so....Blacks or Bernie Bros: your choice
Posted by c71, Wed Mar-04-20 09:26 PM

Fear of a black electorate: Bernie’s anti-establishment message crashes into the Democrats’ conservative base — African Americans



MAR 04, 2020 | 1:35 PM

Not feeling the Bern.

In four days, Joe Biden proved a whole hell of a lot can change.
Saturday, Joe Biden blew Bernie Sanders out of the water in South Carolina, with a huge African American turnout.

Sunday, Sanders held a rally at the Los Angeles Convention Center with an advertised appearance by hip-hop legends Public Enemy.
Monday, the band fired long-time member Flavor Flav, who objected to co-founder Chuck D’s seemingly unilateral endorsement of Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Super Tuesday, Joe fought the power of Bernie’s star appeal and cool-kid cred the old-fashioned way: He stomped through the South, leaning heavily on the same black voters that fueled his South Carolina blowout, rolling up at least nine victories nationwide.

Now, it’s easy to just attribute Biden’s strength with African Americans to his being Barack Obama’s vice president. Biden’s certainly made that connection a significant part of his campaign message. But to accept that sole explanation ignores decades of contested Democratic presidential primaries and how African Americans have voted in them.

Since at least 1976, essentially the birth of the modern primary process, black voters tend to align closer to establishment candidates rather than insurgents. The rare exception is if a black insurgent is deemed viable.

Shiny new objects like Gary Hart (1984), Bill Bradley (2000) and Howard Dean (2004) never broke through because while college-educated upscale white Democrats were intrigued, blacks stayed with establishment candidates (Walter Mondale, Al Gore and John Kerry respectively). Black voters even stuck with incumbent Jimmy Carter in 1980, despite a strong primary challenge by Ted Kennedy, whose family was beloved by many African Americans.

The exceptions? In 1988, Jesse Jackson (who ran in 1984 but couldn’t completely break Mondale’s black firewall) was now seen as legitimate by African-American leadership and rank-and-file, who stayed with him until he finally conceded the nomination to Michael Dukakis. In 2008, blacks initially were with Hillary Clinton, until Obama’s upset win in Iowa signaled they should take him seriously.
In four years, Sanders proved a whole heck of lot doesn’t change.

The black community’s history with establishment candidates appears to have escaped him.

In 2016, Hillary easily beat Bernie (sorry, bros, there was no rigging) largely via African-American voters who were the least susceptible to feeling the Bern.

In 2020, Sanders declares that he’s leading a “multi-racial coalition,” and launching a “revolution” that will bring down the establishment.

Vows to blow up the establishment (or, well, “fight the power”) are exactly the wrong thing to say trying to appeal to a base that is temperamentally and, in some respects, ideologically conservative. As much as black people have been victimized by capitalism at its worst, this community doesn’t have the luxury to place trust in a risky untried faith called democratic socialism.

To some, Sanders’ revolutionary call of one side is to be viewed as skeptically as the “what the hell have you got to lose?” aside of the other. Especially when that man the base is singularly focused on removing from office seems too eager to want Sanders to get the nomination. Can’t truss it, as PE might say.

Finally, there is a whiff in the Sanders revolution of disdain for African Americans and their role within the party.

Catch up on the day’s top five stories every weekday afternoon.

On Monday, one of Sanders’s most visible supporters, documentarian Michael Moore, dismissed Biden’s South Carolina win because the Palmetto State was “not representative of the United States.” Moore added: “South Carolina will have absolutely no impact on the Nov. 3 election.” This line of thought — dismissing the importance of primary wins in states not likely to go Democratic in November — regularly pops up with Bernie supporters and doesn’t arise by accident: Four years ago, Sanders himself explicitly made the claim, leading several party chairmen of southern states to ask him to cool it.

Understandably. African Americans are providing those primary wins, and whether a Democrat wins a state in November or not, black turnout is important for down-ballot races and even makes Democrats competitive in states like North Carolina and Virginia. In 2020, Sanders has tried to avoid such language. Too many of his supporters still don’t get it. And while Sanders may have some younger African Americans in his coalition, the group as a whole has little reason to trust his agenda — or his message.

“People, people we are the same. No we’re not the same/ ’Cause we don’t know the game.”

Oh, yes, indeed, they do know the game.

But until Sanders figures why the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency doesn’t believe the hype he’s selling, he’s going to face more tough Tuesdays.

13370983, how do latinos fit into your blacks or bernie bro worldview?
Posted by rawsouthpaw, Wed Mar-04-20 11:28 PM
working class often unionized latinos that drive whole sectors are coming out in a major way for sanders and represent the shift politically and demographically that is delivering the west for sanders.
13370984, I know what Black people do
Posted by c71, Wed Mar-04-20 11:34 PM
There's a whole universe of what latino people do that I don't know about.
13371360, who has ever claimed that all of even most of sanders supporters
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Mar-05-20 04:34 PM
are the bros?

show me where this was written.

since you're refuting it, show me what you're refuting.

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13381171, huh
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Apr-28-20 03:42 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13370972, Young people (Bernie's group) DIDN'T DO IT. So.....
Posted by c71, Wed Mar-04-20 09:32 PM

Many young voters sat out Super Tuesday, contributing to Bernie Sanders’ losses

By Ledyard King, USA TODAY

Posted Mar 4, 2020 at 5:00 AM

WASHINGTON – Young voters cheer Bernie Sanders’ anti-establishment message. They turn out in throngs at his rallies. And they form the core of his grassroots efforts to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

But their fiery passion did not translate into the robust turnout he needed on Super Tuesday to win a number of key states, notably in the South where a strong showing by former vice president Joe Biden has made the nomination contest a two-man race.

Exit polls for five southern states that Biden won – Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia – found that young voters did not show up at the polls in the numbers they did in 2016.

In addition, the Vermont senator has been grabbing a smaller share of them in most cases.

In Alabama, only 7% of the voters were in the 17-29 range compared to 14% in 2016. Sanders won six of every 10 of those voters Tuesday compared to four of 10 in 2016.

In North Carolina, 13% of Tuesday’s electorate were young voters, compared to 16% four years ago. Of those, 57% went for Sanders in 2020 compared to 69% in 2016.

In South Carolina, young voters made up 11% of the electorate Tuesday compared to 15% in 2016. Sanders won 43% of those voters Tuesday compared to 54% four years ago.

In Tennessee, 11% of those voters showed up Tuesday versus 15% in 2016. Sanders did better among that group Tuesday winning 65% compared to 61% four years ago.

In Virginia, young voters comprised 13% of Tuesday’s vote compared to 16% in 2016. Sanders won 57% of those voters Tuesday compared to 69% four years ago.

Even Sanders’ home state of Vermont showed a lackluster turnout of young millennials and ‘Gen Zers.’ Only 10% of the state’s electorate were under 30 compared to 15% when he ran against Clinton, according to exit polls.

And a similar trend was playing out in Texas where 16% of voters were between 17 and 29 compared to 20% in 2016.

The common theme in all six states: Sanders fared worse this year than he did when he faced eventual nominee Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Sanders’ agenda, which includes erasing college debt and providing health care for all, is popular with young people. But the exit polls indicated those voters were not the line of defense they were in 2016.

Sanders’ rallies feature throngs of college students and 20-somethings cheering him on. In Virginia, Sanders held three rallies last week that featured thousands of energized supporters at each stop. On Tuesday, Biden clobbered Sanders in the Old Dominion by winning by 30 percentage points.

Sanders sounded undeterred Tuesday as he promised to keep marching toward the nomination.

“We are going to defeat Trump because we are putting together an unprecedented grass-roots multi-generational, multi-racial movement,” he told supporters at a rally in Vermont.

The lackluster showing is sure to fire up the long-standing assessments of election experts who say young voters’ energy rarely matches their turnout on Election Day. It also undercuts Sanders’ argument that he is best suited to defeat President Donald Trump in November.

Sanders would need an extraordinary turnout among young voters to make up for the loss of moderates who would stay away from the polls if he’s the nominee, according to a study by political scientists David Broockman of the University of California-Berkeley and Joshua Kalla of Yale University, who surveyed some 40,000 voters to assess the electability of the Democratic contenders.

Sanders would need an increase of 11 percentage points among voters between 18 and 29 to offset the loss of swing voters, the study concluded.

But Griffin Schutte, 21, of Virginia Beach, said he switched from Clinton in 2016 to Sanders this year because he thinks the Vermont senator is best to stand up to Trump.

“And I think Bernie Sanders is well equipped to stand by his ideals and his policies that he’s been standing by during his long and very consistent career in politics,” Schutte said as he stood in line for a Sanders rally in Richmond Thursday.

13371365, Nope... we just have the same final boss fight..
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Thu Mar-05-20 04:44 PM
13372462, id like to invite all of the bernie brethren over for sunday dinner.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Mar-10-20 08:09 PM
what say yall?
13377231, zoom, Skype, FaceTime or IG live, lol
Posted by Trinity444, Wed Apr-08-20 01:02 PM
13377207, just a reminder that our differences are relatively minuscule.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Apr-08-20 12:18 PM
13381029, NY removes Bernie from the ballot
Posted by bentagain, Tue Apr-28-20 06:38 AM

Clearly, we are not on the same team.
13381030, I don’t understand
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 07:16 AM
we this so they didn’t have to run a primary?

Aren’t there still other down ballot candidates running for local gov?

13381138, The presidential primary is canceled
Posted by bentagain, Tue Apr-28-20 01:21 PM
Voting will continue as planned for New Yorkers on June 23 for congressional and state-level races

Which contradicts the idea this was done to protect voters

All this will do is suppress turnout and deny Bern delegates from NY

The DNC does have to approve the move though...so it’s not final yet
13381142, question: what does Bernie need delegates from NY for?
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Tue Apr-28-20 01:49 PM
Are y’all still holding out irrational hope that he will somehow get the nom?

You know what, nevermind , I forgot how pointless you all are
13381145, Delegates are still currency in politics
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 01:56 PM
Seems like a foolish thing to do if you want to bring everyone together.

13381166, nah its foolish to claim to drop out but still secretly get more votes.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 03:31 PM
just to sneak in a few more delegates while the other person has stopped campaigning.

name a past primary candidate that did that.

in 2016 he stayed in all the way til the convention after it was mathematically impossible to win. just to damage the nominee some more then hold the party hostage for concessions.

in 2020 he is essentially staying in to accrue more votes/delegates from his supporters even after he has been blown out and likely to be under 25% of delegates. while telling everyone (including his opponent) that he quit. just so he can try to be in a better position to hold the party hostage for concessions again. even after his platform was roundly rejected.

how does any of that bring the party together?

if you wanna clear 25% of the delegates then keep running and compete for those votes/delegates like a real candidate (and allow your opponent to continue to campaign/compete for them too).

if not then drop out like everyone else.

dont try this backdoor/blindside shit to siphon votes away under the guise of surrender. that doesnt represent the true will of the voters if your opponents supporters dont even know youre still playing.

what kinda movement is it if its based on all these little tricks and gimmicks instead of just winning over the majority of voters?
13381213, It’s not back door or blindsiding
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 07:10 PM
13381223, name another candidate in recent history that has done this.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 07:54 PM
13381283, name the last time a primary was cancelled because everyone else..
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Apr-29-20 09:40 AM
dropped our?

and the corona excuse doesn’t fly because the state election is still taking place

This shit is unprecedented.

13381322, You have to file with the FEC to terminate a campaign
Posted by bentagain, Wed Apr-29-20 11:00 AM
"Under election law, the term “suspend” has no formal meaning. The Federal Election Commission still considers candidates who have suspended their campaign to be running. The FEC won’t formally recognize the termination of a campaign until candidates have paid off all of their debts and obligations and agree not to receive any more contributions. Until then, the candidate is still running and will still appear on ballots."

Bern did not terminate with the FEC...excerpt from his April 8th speech suspending his campaign

"On a practical note, let me also say this: I will stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates. While Vice President Biden will be the nominee, we must continue working to assemble as many delegates as possible at the Democratic convention, where we will be able to exert significant influence over the party platform and other functions."

^^^ no clandestine nefarious sneak attack here

More directly to your question

States typically do not cancel their primaries after every candidate but one drops out. Democrats held their regularly scheduled primaries in 2000 and 2004 even after opponents of eventual nominees Al Gore and John Kerry left the race. Republicans held their primaries in 2000, 2008, 2012 and 2016 …

Sorry, can't swipe the whole thing, it's a wapo article

But there is precedent for primaries continuing and candidates staying on the ballot after suspending.

13381335, Exactly.
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Apr-29-20 11:58 AM
13381155, I’m hoping Bern can accumulate as many delegates as he can
Posted by bentagain, Tue Apr-28-20 02:11 PM
Heading into the convention in an attempt to effect the D platform and policies going into the general

What this move does is call the primary in NY for Biden, without actually having an election

I hope you can see how that disenfranchises Bern supporters in NY

The same NY that purged thousands of voters in the 2016 primary

If the other primaries are still on schedule...why cancel the presidential primary?

Why give all of the delegates to Biden, without a vote?

You do realize, some of us haven’t been able to actually vote yet...?

It’s a bitch move.
13381146, Yeah. This is a terrible idea
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 01:57 PM
13381045, i see why bernie lost. his folks are still so clueless.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 07:57 AM
the amount of factless whining they continue to do without actually researching this stuff...after 4 years in...is pretty emblematic of how they ran their 'movement'.

“Today’s decision by the State of New York Board of Elections is an outrage, a blow to American democracy, and must be overturned by the DNC,” Sanders’ senior adviser Jeff Weaver said in a statement on Monday afternoon.

these people *still* dont know the role/duties of the dnc and state parties or election commissions/boards. the dnc doesnt have the power to overturn what the states do. these same folks were just blaming the dnc for republican governors and legislatures still holding primary elections lol. seriously this is basic shit.

Weaver expressed concern that the commissioners’ citation of the pandemic could embolden Trump to make the same argument to justify postponing the November general election.

“Just last week Vice President Biden warned the American people that President Trump could use the current crisis as an excuse to postpone the November election,” Weaver said. “Well, he now has a precedent thanks to New York state.”-

jesus christ. presidential elections are mandated in the constitution. party primaries are not. party primaries dont even have to take place.
some state parties choose at times to not even have them (several repub primaries were canceled this year to protect trump). trump cant postpone or cancel a nov election without a constitutional amendment. once again...basic shit that youd figure a top adviser would know. especially having been involved in his 2nd straight presidential campaign.

and this dumb ass shit here lol:
Malcolm Seymour, an attorney for Sanders’ campaign, submitted a letter on Sunday to the board of elections disputing the legal grounds for Sanders’ removal.

Unfortunately for Sanders, Kellner noted on Monday that Seymour’s letter contained a significant error. Seymour claimed that because the New York budget became law on April 13, days after Sanders suspended his campaign, it should not apply to Sanders retroactively. In fact, though, the budget became law on April 3, days before Sanders ended his bid.

like...these folks cant even get their legal argument/timeline right. amateur hour.

this quote here sums up what this is all about:
“What the Sanders supporters want is essentially a beauty contest that given the situation with the public health emergency that exists now seems to be unnecessary and indeed frivolous,” he said.

blame bernies goofy ass for suspending his campaign but still wanting to remain on the ballot to try to accrue delegates. if you wanna remain on the ballot...then keep running. forget this vanity shit where you try to game the dystem and sneak a few delegates while both candidates stop campaigning.

these same folks were complaining about peoples health being put at risk in other primaries during a pandemic. but now they support people risking sickness and going out to vote for a politician who isnt even running anymore? typical double standard when it suits them.

and if anything...this actually hurts biden more than bernie. cuz bernie wasnt getting 25% of total delegates regardless and biden didnt have the chance to run up his score in ny (which he would have won by a huge margin). now they gotta go through some bullshit negotiation process where they prolly allocate bernie more than he deserves just to stop his team from crying.

13381191, I can't call it. Are they really this dumb or just like being fake mad?
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Apr-28-20 05:21 PM
If Bernie negotiates a decent amount of delegates out of NY, how quickly will folks hide their hands?

I don't know how many delegates NY rewards, but I think it would be fucking hilarious if they just rewarded him 50%+ to call their anger bluff.

13381212, and none of them can come up with a good explanation
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 07:07 PM
as to why its ok for bernie to do what he is doing (which no other candidate in recent memory has tried to get away with).

even tho bernie deserved to get shutdown...im kinda mad at the state board for not anticipating the predictable reaction from the crybabies.

in the end...they prolly *will* award bernie some absurd amount of delegates that he wouldnt have otherwise gotten in a fair primary. just to stop them from crying.
13381214, Why not just let it play out?
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 07:12 PM
Biden has it wrapped up.

Why is it so important to Bernie’s die hards from casting a vote for him?
13381053, Seriously, their "team" is fucking disgusting and corrupt...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Apr-28-20 08:50 AM
...shame on any idiot who cheers this move on ..and trust me, there will be a few of them in here soon who agree with the move.

13381139, it was all gladhanding, pats on the back, and atta boys
Posted by bentagain, Tue Apr-28-20 01:24 PM
When Bern suspended

...didn’t take too long for the horns to show...
13381218, They applauded Bernie for staying in for Wisconsin to help down votes
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 07:26 PM
But all a sudden they want him off the ballot because he could actually press Biden and the DNC for a more progressive platform

During Covid when 20 mill are out of work.

These people on here are so locked on hating Bernie they can’t even see their hypocrisy.
13381224, heres where you fucked up tho.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 08:01 PM
bernie was actively/openly running in wisconsin. as was biden. so biden voters had an equal opportunity to have their voices heard as bernies. they knew they were in a competition.

thats different from pretending you suspended your campaign...conceding defeat...*endorsing* your opponent as the nominee...then still campaigning for votes while your inactive opponent has stopped campaigning for votes.

i know youre not this dense fam.
13381170, so you're furious about things that you imagine will happen
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Apr-28-20 03:41 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13381194, huh? It makes as much sense for Pete's team to be mad at this
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Apr-28-20 05:26 PM

No one is cheering anything on, because if you read up on the situation a little and use some common sense, this is literally nothing to give a 2nd thought to...much less be mad at.

If you only get your political insight via tweets from Bernie fans then you are doing yourself a disservice.


People are on ventilators and dying, and Bernie stans are fake raging that they can't cast pointless symbolic votes.

13381210, you know why petes team isnt mad at this?
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 07:00 PM
because he isnt out here still lowkey running/campaigning while acting like he dropped out.

how did you suspend your campaign if you are still soliciting votes to get delegates?
13381168, Didn't Sanders endorse Biden?
Posted by Kira, Tue Apr-28-20 03:34 PM
That should end this debacle right there.
13381174, seriously how do you endorse someone then still run against them
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 03:52 PM
and try to steal votes/delegates?
13381184, ...as did every other candidate...and they’re still on the ballot
Posted by bentagain, Tue Apr-28-20 04:47 PM
today in Ohio

see reply 86

Why would NY need to pass a new law to remove Bern from the ballot...if suspending his campaign already did that?
13381198, bernie is the only one still actively campaigning for delegates tho.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 05:49 PM
if bernie wants more delegates then he should continue to run his full campaign and compete for those delegates in an active primary (so his opponent can do the same).

but 'suspending' your campaign so your opponent (who you endorsed) stops...and then telling your supporters to still go out and vote for you so you can peel away some delegates behind his back...is some dirtbag shit.
13381181, is Beto still on the ballot?
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Apr-28-20 04:25 PM
what about Klobuchar?

also i thought it was never about Bernie and he sold out and all that
13381183, No and yes...not sure what the sellout line is about
Posted by bentagain, Tue Apr-28-20 04:40 PM
There are 11 candidates on the ballot today in Ohio

“On the Democratic side, only Joe Biden is technically still running. But on the ballot you’ll have a choice between:

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet*
Former Vice President Joe Biden
New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker**
Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg*
Former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg*
Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard*
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar*
Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick*
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders*
Billionaire Tom Steyer*
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren*

*indicates candidate suspended campaign, but will still appear on the Ohio primary ballot and votes for them will be counted

**indicates candidates suspended campaign and will appear on the Ohio ballot, but votes for them will be void

Some of these candidates dropped out of the presidential race before Ohio's election began, but will still appear on the ballot and have their votes counted. Sen. Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign on April 8, in the middle of Ohio's now-extended election, so votes for him will count as well.”

Pretty sure Beto dropped out before Iowa

If suspending a campaign removes a candidate from the ballot...why did NY have to put a new law into the budget proposal...to do something you’re saying was already done...?

13381196, great explanation.. prepare for more troll replies..
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Apr-28-20 05:32 PM
....it's pretty sad ..imagine voting against your own self interest, and actually relishing in the downfall of our political system at the same time. You have to wonder what "team" they're actually talking about. It's looking more red than blue, thats for sure

13381200, show me which one of those candidates is still telling their supporters
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 05:53 PM
to go out and vote for them so they can pick off a few more delegates before the convention and increase their hypothetical leverage to influence the party platform.

either you dropped out or you didnt.

i know bernie stans wanna play dumb (like usual) but cmon.
13381190, I want to cast my symbolic vote for Klobuchar!!! COVID be damned!
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Apr-28-20 05:20 PM
13381188, obviously there is more to the story...as usual
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Apr-28-20 05:14 PM

He S U S P E N D E D his campaign and E N D O R S E D Biden.

Why? Because he got his A S S kicked by a guy who didn't lift a finger.

There is Z E R O chance he can win. Like, none. Its done. Over.

Why is this so hard for you guys to accept?

COVID killing people by the thousands and you're huffing and puffing about not being able to cast symbolic votes for a guy who, again, got his ass fucking kicked.

If I want to cast a symbolic write-in vote for this cup of coffee I'm sipping on, can I throw an uninformed fit and demand NY put people's health at risk??? Cuz this cup of coffee has the same chance to be President as Bernie.

And don't tell me its about delegates and leverage. You guys are full of shit and so is the Bernie campaign.

Biden is about to run on the most progressive platform in history. Now, I don't think a party's platform is worth much personally, but if you are mad at leverage then you must put a lot of stock into platforms.

Well, he's about to have a very progressive platform. So be happy. No sell outs, no fake progressive, no snake emojis, none of that. If a platform is really that important to ya'll, then I expect some pretty pro-Joe posts around convention time.

But back in reality, it isn't about that. It isn't about leverage. Joe could run on Bernie's entire platform and you guys would bitch because it isn't dear leader.

Nah. You're fake mad. You know this doesn't matter.

If you are looking for reasons to be mad (LOL there are plenty real-life reasons btw) while scrolling through your echo chamber...I mean Twitter feed, you will find something on a daily basis.

And like Reeq pointed out, his people are legit idiots or just like fanning the flames. Either way, its no wonder they got fucking annihilated.

If you feel the need to be mad at a primary that is in the books, then be mad at the dumb asses who ran a campaign so incompetent it lost to Joe Biden. Badly.

Seriously, be mad at that.
13381202, fam here is why bernie is mad he couldnt pull off this slick shit.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 06:11 PM
“In the absence of an active Bernie campaign, we are pushing folks to vote for the delegates,” he said, noting they need at least 25% of the total delegates in order to have any of their issues considered and possibly added to the party’s platform.

he needs at least 25% of nationwide delegates to remain viable at the convention and have leverage to force his agenda items into the party platform.

but he couldnt get that measly number the old fashioned way. by getting people to actually come out and vote for you in a competitive primary.

so instead he concocted a scheme where he tells everyone that he suspends his campaign and endorses biden. but he technically doesnt drop out. and instead he gets his supporters to go out and vote for him as if he is still running. while biden supporters (and those of other candidates) have unilaterally disarmed and largely forgotten about a race they think is over.

shit is slimy as hell and hypocritical. just like him trashing superdelegates in 2016 then trying to get them to overturn the popular vote winner at the convention. he and his fans have a disdain for voter intention and democracy when it goes against them.
13381216, wait. You think it’s easier to get delegates by dropping out?
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 07:18 PM
That’s your theory?

13381219, huh?
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 07:32 PM
13381160, let these bootlickers and idol worshipers live
Posted by eclipsedInI, Tue Apr-28-20 02:46 PM
13381177, true.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 04:03 PM
13381206, They will be raging on for the next decade or more. Let them stew
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Tue Apr-28-20 06:43 PM
I can’t even imagine feeling like that.
13381209, eternal grievance (plus stupidity).
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 06:58 PM
they will literally cry about everything and blame it on the dnc.

imagine getting mad that your candidate (who supposedly conceded) couldnt implement his bootleg scheme to finesse a few more delegates on the low since he couldnt win them in an active primary where the other guy didnt stop campaigning.

now these niggas are turning on bernies top adviser for starting a super pac to help get progressives behind biden.

wtf do these people even stand for anymore?
13381217, Bernie is conceding he can’t win
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-28-20 07:23 PM
but he still wants some weight on his agenda and why the fuck wouldn’t he given how things are playing out right now?

You claim you were a Bernie supporter but obviously you were just caught up in the hype and don’t want a progressive seat at the table.

FOH nigga.
13381221, if he cant win then he should drop out (like everybody else).
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 07:42 PM
if he wants to continue to amass delegates then he should continue to actively run in a fair primary (where both candidates equally appeal to their supporters) and allow voters to choose where those delegates go between him and biden.

but this tightrope act where he acts like his campaign is over but still encourages his supporters to go out and vote so he can get delegates (while biden stops campaigning and doesnt tell his voters to do the same) is sketchy.

bernie is not entitled to delegates that he didnt earn. he is clearly using the false pretense of a suspended campaign to get more delegates than he would if he and biden were both actively running.

if youre still running to win as many votes/delegates as possible (aka still campaigning)...then tell biden/everyone so they can still run to win as many votes/delegates too. that way theres an actual reflection of the will of the voters. not something where you gamed the system to increase your tally.

nobody (but bernie) has done this. just like nobody but bernie has tried to get superdelegates to overturn the result of an election.

the voters voted. they wanted bernie to get blown out. he has to accept that instead of trying to finagle a way to still have a level of influence that the voters clearly didnt give him.

im not sure why youre having such difficulty with this.

13381220, Lol at Jeff weaver stopped Bernie from going after the Black vote
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Tue Apr-28-20 07:34 PM
What was Bernie some kind of hapless puppet who was shuffled around per his campaigns will? I guess my girl Nina Turner didn’t have as much agency as I thought if Jeff weaver shut down outreach to Black folks

And this flies in the face of all the nutcases on here who said Bernie had the broadest most diverse campaign and outreach of all TIMEZ....speaking of which I haven’t seen bignick’s snide and arrogant ass in months, did someone do a wellness check? I’m sure he’s still on Twitter melting down with the rest.
13381222, lol i think rjcc or somebody posted his twitter account on here
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 07:47 PM
and he was indeed melting down.

its hilarious dude disappeared from the board tho. he was talking cash shit before the collapse.

>speaking of which I haven’t seen
>bignick’s snide and arrogant ass in months, did someone do a
>wellness check? I’m sure he’s still on Twitter melting
>down with the rest.
13381227, oh he's still tweeting away
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Apr-28-20 08:25 PM
every hour on the hour someone is not progressive enough and he is on it.

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13381231, Smh
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Tue Apr-28-20 08:51 PM
13381243, LOL
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Apr-29-20 02:20 AM
>every hour on the hour someone is not progressive enough and
>he is on it.
13381225, us: yo, there are people on Bernie's campaign who suuuuuuck
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Apr-28-20 08:04 PM


www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13381228, lol
Posted by Reeq, Tue Apr-28-20 08:26 PM
13381249, exactly
Posted by eclipsedInI, Wed Apr-29-20 07:59 AM
13381260, Andrew Yang sues New York Board of Elections over canceled primary
Posted by bentagain, Wed Apr-29-20 08:59 AM

Apparently YangGang BangBang, also wanted to remain on the ballot in order to accumulate delegates heading into the convention

13381271, both Bernie and Yang want to continue their national footprint
Posted by eclipsedInI, Wed Apr-29-20 09:12 AM
in order to effect the DNC platform at the convention and their political futures

but fighting publicly with publicity stunts won't sway voters who are already in their corner

it also turns off the DNC power brokers they eventually will be negotiating with

i hate the DNC and most Democratic candidates

but this is silly and clout chasing

just like Justin Amash
13381273, How are delegates allocated in an election with no votes?
Posted by bentagain, Wed Apr-29-20 09:16 AM
Is there any concern endorsing the cancellation of NY's primary...setting a precedent for the general election?
13381284, If the DNC is smart they will step in and tell NY to smarten up
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Apr-29-20 09:42 AM
NY is about to fuck it up for no reason at all.

13381278, No one has given any reason why taking them off is a good idea
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Apr-29-20 09:28 AM
Seriously, if you want as many votes as possible why piss off voters who want to make a symbolic vote for their candidate?

Has it always been done like this or is this some new shit?

If it’s always been done this way then fine, Bernie die he’d are doing too much but if this is the first time it’d been done it smells like some bull.

Why are the Dems always getting in their own way? Stop changing shit and let it play out. Biden is the nominee but if Bernie collects delegates because he was a solid progressive base that needs to be represented in our process so we make sure we hear from ALL dem voters and no one feels left out when it’s time for the GE.
13381292, It also provides ammo to postpone the General Election...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed Apr-29-20 09:53 AM
...the DNC is playing a dangerous game (once again). They are very good at losing, but the fact is they pull in that sweet donor $$$$ win or lose. Meanwhile we all get fucked.

13381301, ^^^ folks are really letting their Bernie hate blind them
Posted by bentagain, Wed Apr-29-20 10:02 AM
This move came only days after Biden's campaign insinuated Trumpster would pull something similar in the general


...but here they are endorsing that very idea...

Fucking Shameful.
13381330, i agree with this
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Apr-29-20 11:38 AM
dnc, biden, etc.. should all be speaking out against this, even if just for that reason.

13381293, AOC had a good take, send all voters mail-in ballots
Posted by mista k5, Wed Apr-29-20 09:54 AM
instead of applications for mail-in ballots. no need for anyone to go out and physically vote. no need to change rules and remove people from the ballot.

i read that 20 counties were only going to vote for the presidential primary, they had no other races. it didnt say how many people are in the counties but i guess that's pointless. mail-in ballots would be the way to go.

i think the dems need to take this as an opportunity to show mail-in ballots is the way to go in november. set an example.
13381764, thats what most dems are saying. not just aoc.
Posted by Reeq, Fri May-01-20 08:17 AM
but of course its being challenged by repub election admins, legislators, govs, judges, etc.

its no surprise that blue states are at the forefront of all-mail voting (which are efficient, virtually fraud-free, and have high turnout).

even a previously red state like arizona does most of its voting by mail. thats a big part of why its been trending blue pretty fast (and why repubs dont wanna pursue the same ballot access in other red states).
13381302, wtf @ some of these replies
Posted by eclipsedInI, Wed Apr-29-20 10:06 AM
*tin foil hat-ism run amok

i can't

bernie conceded

the election will continue per rules

gaining delegates means you possibly get a larger seat at the democratic table

delaying and or cancelling a local election because of a once in a 100 year pandemic isn't destructive

they can pour over polling and grass roots representation plus donations to promote their agenda

13381307, RE: the election will continue with new rules
Posted by bentagain, Wed Apr-29-20 10:15 AM
Nobody has even offered an answer to...

Why would NY need to pass a new law to remove Bernie from the ballot...if that was already done when he suspended?

You're co-signing changing the rules for a game that had already started

Do you see how that could be a dangerous precedent for the general?

I hope we've all seen the warnings for Fall's flu season...?

13381325, the DNC will AGREE to postpone the general election...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed Apr-29-20 11:21 AM
...it will be almost unanimous, and these clowns will be throwing jabs at progressives for saying it's a terrible idea. The second wave is going to fuck this country up so bad, but it's all part of the plan.

13381334, But they aren’t canceling local elections
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Apr-29-20 11:56 AM
so why is the primary election being cancelled?

13381698, uh because the local elections have more than 1 person running?
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-30-20 05:46 PM
just a guess lol.

fam ive seen you be smarter than this before. i have faith youll get back to that place.
13381734, Name the last time a primary was cancelled...
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Apr-30-20 10:00 PM
because everyone else dropped out?

Git gone B
13381757, uh 4 states in the 2012 democratic primary.
Posted by Reeq, Fri May-01-20 07:57 AM
the last time there was a sole candidate left running (barack obama).

connecticut, delaware, new york (surprise!), and virginia.

you know you can research these facts yourself instead of constantly making yourself look more clueless right?
13381760, After Obama’s first term? Bwahaha.. that’s your example?
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri May-01-20 08:09 AM
C’mon Reeq.

You really tried that shit? Lmao

13381705, yang wouldnt even be anywhere near the 15% of votes in the state
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-30-20 06:16 PM
to qualify for any delegates.

13381685, Biden campaign reaches deal to allow Bernie Sanders to retain hundreds of delegates, maintain influence over party platform at the convention
Posted by bentagain, Thu Apr-30-20 04:37 PM
Apparently, Joe Buddens isn’t on your team either, LOL

I have to admit, I’m thoroughly impressed with how Budden has embraced Bern
...assumedly learning from the mistakes of elections past...

What some may have missed in the NY canceling the primary...is that that decision was made by a board of elections
Do you even know who’s on that board...because it’s not all Democrats

So y’all jumped out the window to defend a decision partially made by repugs

...and now look to be conflicting with your leader...

Seriously, what team are y’all on?


Biden campaign reaches deal to allow Bernie Sanders to retain hundreds of delegates, maintain influence over party platform at the convention

The deal is a major step towards party unity ahead of the general election.
John Verhovek
Molly Nagle
April 30, 2020, 12:21 PM ET
6 min read

Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden
In a surprise appearance on a campaign livestream, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Evan Vucci/AP, FILE
Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaigns have reached an agreement that will see the Biden campaign voluntarily appoint some Sanders supporters to serve as delegates at the 2020 Democratic convention, according to a joint memo from the campaigns Thursday morning.

“While Senator Sanders is no longer actively seeking the nomination, the Biden campaign feels strongly that it is in the best interest of the party and the effort to defeat Donald Trump in November to come to an agreement regarding these issues that will ensure representation of Sanders supporters and delegate candidates, both on the floor and in committees,” the memo states.

Evan Vucci/AP, FILE
Former Vice President Joe Biden, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, greet one another before they participate in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios in Washington, March 15, 2020.
Evan Vucci/AP, FILE

Under the agreement, the Biden campaign would essentially allow Sanders to retain delegates he would have otherwise had to forfeit due to Democratic National Committee rules. After his departure from the race roughly a third of Sanders’ delegates would have been reallocated to Biden. The other two-thirds of delegates stay with a candidate through the convention. Under current delegate estimates Sanders will retain slightly more than 300 delegates as a result of the agreement with the Biden campaign.

The agreement allows for those delegate slots to be filled by Sanders supporters to ensure he retains influence on the three standing committee’s at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

The move is a major step towards unifying the party ahead of November and mending the still lingering split between the moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic Party, and a sign of the increased coordination between Biden’s campaign and the DNC, which only formally began earlier this month.

MORE: Sanders seeks influence, Biden eyes party unity as delegate battle emerges post-primary
“We must defeat Donald Trump this fall, and we believe that this agreement will help bring the party together to get Trump out of the White House and not only rebuild America, but transform it,” the joint statement reads.

Under the agreement reached by the two campaigns, while delegates awarded on the statewide level will officially remain Biden delegates, Sanders supporters will fill them at the national convention “based on the candidates’ respective statewide results.”

The agreement also allows both the Biden and Sanders campaigns a “presidential right of review process,” which affords them the authority to approve or reject the people they want to fill certain delegate slots, ensuring that loyal supporters are in fact being elected to be delegates to the convention on their behalf.

The agreement follows other overtures from the Biden campaign to Sanders' more progressive supporters following the Vermont senator’s endorsement of Biden on April 14th, including adopting a more aggressive plan to make college tuition free for middle and low income families for public universities, along with a Bankruptcy policy championed by Massachusetts' Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

In addition to the endorsement earlier this month, Biden and Sanders agreed to work together through a series of working groups on key policy issues. However, few details of those working groups have emerged since the announcement was made.

MORE: Biden shifts stance on progressive policies as he seeks to grow his coalition
The memo released Thursday also references the recent decision by the New York State Board of Elections to strike Sanders’ name from the ballot and to effectively cancel the presidential primary due to the Vermont senator’s official exit from the race.

The memo states that “if the state remains eligible for delegates, the campaigns are committed to working together to ensure representation for Senator Sanders in the New York delegation.”

Earlier this week the Sanders campaign blasted New York’s decision, calling it “an outrage” and “a blow to American democracy,” calling on the DNC to strip the state of all its delegates to the convention if the situation is not remedied.

But regardless of the lingering acrimony, the agreement reached Thursday was marked by a call for unity and resolve to focus on the ultimate goal of defeating Trump in November.

“Our campaigns are grateful for the unity and spirit of collaboration within the Democratic Party as we look to defeat Donald Trump and establish a government by and for the American people. We look forward to working with the state parties to implement this approach, as we elect delegates who reflect and represent the diversity that is the unique strength of our great nation,” the memo concludes.

13381696, numbnuts you really are a bonafide idiot.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-30-20 05:42 PM
like seriously you might have the longest streak of posting the dumbest reply in every post lol.

i *said* biden was gonna end up awarding bernie a bunch of delegates. more than he would have gotten if they held the primary. just to keep him/bros/you from crying. and thats exactly what happened.

>What some may have missed in the NY canceling the primary...is
>that that decision was made by a board of elections
>Do you even know who’s on that board...because it’s not
>all Democrats

fam even in the article inside the reply you first made about them canceling the primary...it says the democrats on the board voted unanimously to do it.
They did not end up prevailing on the board’s two Democrats, co-chair Douglas Kellner and commissioner Andrew Spano, who voted unanimously to remove Sanders. The state’s June 23 presidential primary is now canceled.

there are 3 people on the board. 2 (the majority) are democrats.

what point were you even trying to make with anything in your post?

biden does something nice for bernie so hes not on my team? the title of the fucking post is that we are *all* on the same team lol. biden looking out for bernie (as you gave him credit for) would seem to confirm that.

fyi: as soon as they open schools up again...you need to go back asap lol.
13381699, Should have never come to this to begin with
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Apr-30-20 05:49 PM
It was a stupid move by NY.

13381701, which ended up working out even better for bernie and the crybabies.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-30-20 05:57 PM
yall wanted bernie to get as many delegates as possible. he just got *a lot* more than he would have gotten if they actually held the primary and let him get blown out.

yall should be celebrating the consolation prize cuz it gives him more influence at the convention than he actually earned.

but yall are (predictably) crying about this too.

it literally never stops.
13381732, I’m glad he got delegates and Biden is being smart about this
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Apr-30-20 09:52 PM
but it was still a dumb ass idea for NY to cancel the primary.

Not sure why you can’t admit NU was doing too much.

They didn’t have to do this.
13381710, lmao I was just thinking the same. He really is the worst of them
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Thu Apr-30-20 06:25 PM
13381712, hopeless (c) dionne farris
Posted by Reeq, Thu Apr-30-20 06:29 PM
13381733, lolllllll
Posted by Brew, Thu Apr-30-20 09:56 PM
>like seriously you might have the longest streak of posting
>the dumbest reply in every post lol.

>fyi: as soon as they open schools up again...you need to go
>back asap lol.
13382347, Judge reinstated NY Dem primary
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue May-05-20 07:58 PM

“The removal of presidential contenders from the primary ballot not only deprived those candidates of the chance to garner votes for the Democratic Party’s nomination, but also deprived their pledged delegates of the opportunity to run for a position where they could influence the party platform, vote on party governance issues, pressure the eventual nominee on matters of personnel or policy, and react to unexpected developments at the Convention,” the decision says. “And it deprived Democratic voters of the opportunity to elect delegates who could push their point of view in that forum.”

13382362, Alright.. we're back on the same team again
Posted by falafel stand pimpin, Tue May-05-20 10:18 PM
13382388, In an unprecedented move, New York canceled its Democratic
Posted by bentagain, Wed May-06-20 08:26 AM
presidential primary


A lot of insults and accusations hurled my way when this was ASSumed to be a Bern vs the Party issue

“New York District Court Judge Analisa Torres ordered that New York must hold a presidential primary including all 10 candidates who qualified, in response to a lawsuit from former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.”

I’ll wait for the same vitriol toward the other 8 candidates that will be on the ballot

Hope this “team” gets their shit together

I don’t even have the energy to up the sexual assault post with polling data after his interview on Friday, that shows 1 in 4 Democrats want a different nominee

Really hope we don’t play follow the leader to another L

...so far, it’s not looking so good...
13382403, People in here who defended NY really showed their asses
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-06-20 09:41 AM
They are more interested in bashing Bro’s than bringing everyone under the tent.

How in the world did anyone think this was a good idea is beyond me.

13382423, an unprecedented virus has killed 25,028 NY'ers
Posted by eclipsedInI, Wed May-06-20 10:58 AM
almost five 9/11's

shame they won't get to vote right?

and now NY will fight over mail-in ballots and yadda yadda

for a competition that does not exist for NYers anymore

this is about the DNC and these two candidates

NYers voting will not change any outcome come September
13382425, You should have no problem postponing the November election..
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed May-06-20 11:15 AM
..that "it's just not safe" is the same shit Trump will pull in the fall. And don't tell me it's not the same.. it's more the same than it isn't, and that's how they will see it.

13382478, who will win Bernie or Biden if Bernie wins NY?
Posted by eclipsedInI, Wed May-06-20 02:21 PM
13382481, Huh? You realize local elections are still being held...
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-06-20 02:42 PM
The Covid doesn’t work as an excuse.

It’ not about winning a primary in NY. This is strictly about shaping/influencing policy.
13382489, and can be held on a later date
Posted by eclipsedInI, Wed May-06-20 03:18 PM
the virus spiked in places that held elections

or all can be postponed for a year for a special election

name the last 3 local politicians/offices you voted for
13382531, You really want to withhold elections for a year?
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed May-06-20 06:40 PM
You realize what you are saying?

Oh.. and the last time I voted for local elections was early voting for the primary.

Mayor and a bunch of local judges. I mostly stick with the Black folk on the tickets in Charlotte.. except for Dimple for NC treasury. She’s Indian and I met her at a community advocacy meetup.

This is like the 3rd time someone has asked about my voting history. Do y’all not vote for local elections? I’ll admit half the time I know nada about these races but I’ll always vote for a Black Dem over a white Repub. Charlotte is pretty good at “educating” Black folk on who is running.

Now.. some of these people might be voted out for not voting to close the schools when the virus hit. They showed their ass on that vote and it was the one time the white conservative GOP on the city council used science while Black Dems were on that “it’s probably just the flu.

TLDR.. I always vote.
13382578, I believe there's about 40% of primaries that haven't happened yet
Posted by bentagain, Thu May-07-20 05:59 AM
Also, Buddens has not secured enough delegates to be the nominee...yet

Sure, cancelling is the easy thing to do

...but then what...

If all primaries were cancelled today...you wouldn't have a nominee

You would be disenfranchising 40% of D voters

and, as has been pointed out IRT NY, the primary coincides with local elections

Other states, like Ohio and Kansas recently held their primary

There is a projected spike in covid for the fall

If you are advocating for cancelling the primary, how do you rectify the issues listed above?
13382421, i'll leave my inbox open for apologies
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Wed May-06-20 10:55 AM
13382513, they appealed...smh
Posted by bentagain, Wed May-06-20 04:45 PM
If NY can’t get it together for a primary, with +3 months prep time...I’m really concerned for the general

FTR, Ohio and Kansas held their primaries at the end of April

13382431, no we're not
Posted by kayru99, Wed May-06-20 11:43 AM
13411840, nigga fuck you the rest of us saved the country for your dusty ass.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Nov-04-20 06:59 PM
13411857, haha
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Nov-04-20 08:15 PM
13411858, Lmao
Posted by Amritsar, Wed Nov-04-20 08:22 PM
13411863, Pow pow
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Nov-04-20 08:47 PM