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Topic subjectthis is like saying 'guns dont kill people. people kill people'.
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13345341, this is like saying 'guns dont kill people. people kill people'.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Aug-28-19 10:25 PM
hatred, racism, mental illness, ignorance, etc always existed. its a little different when someone is holding a knife vs holding an ar-15 tho isnt it?

why do dictators/authoritarians set up their own sycophantic media/information outlets when people are already ignorant anyway (as you put it)?

fb is a weapon of mass disinformation where anyone anywhere in the world can lead *highly* targeted campaigns of propaganda aimed at anyone anywhere in the world. they can completely shape large segments of public opinion based on alternate/augmented realities.

it allows people to be misled, radicalized, and mobilized by the millions in short amounts of time.

this is why fringe extremism is now mainstreamed to the point that its the basis of major political parties.

this is why cambridge analytica and various black hat intelligence services across the globe are raking in money from their clients for elections in america, europe, canada, africa, south america, etc.

this is why far right leaders/movements around the world continually thank facebook when they win elections and come to power (trump, duterte, bolsonaro, salvini, etc). they dont thank ignorance.

seriously...if you have some time...you should search around and research how much facebook has aided anti-democratic entities, extreme movements, genocidal campaigns, etc. its far too important an issue for you to continue to overlook/dismiss.

heres a light intro/explainer if you wanna give it a quick skim.

check out 'the great hack' on netflix too if you can. i have some other links/suggestions if you want them.