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Topic subjectLOL you giving him too much credit
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13345279, LOL you giving him too much credit
Posted by Lurkmode, Wed Aug-28-19 02:42 PM
>and ignorant than we want to believe.

He said Trump wasn't racist he was a blank slate. Yeah he said people were anti-intellectual and Trump would win off that, but he was wrong. Trump won cause Dems didn't turn out in the electoral college states.

>Denny said a lot of crazy shit but he was spot on with that
>prediction. I laughed at him at first but then my wife’s gay
>white friend in Alabama told her he was voting for the first
>time for Donald Trump. That shit opened my eyes. I don’t
>think my wife has talked to him since.

He changed with the wind. Some bad report came out about Trump and he posted yeah he was doing too much and everybody who disagreed with him about Trump was right, then the next week he was back on the Trump train.