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Topic subjectthe correlation with the U.S is kind of eerie, tbh
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13345241, the correlation with the U.S is kind of eerie, tbh
Posted by akon, Wed Aug-28-19 12:53 PM
apart from having the same actors (e.g cambridge analytica)
it's also been about the gutting of the news media
i just read this article recently about a study that shows that a county that boycotted an EU-skeptic paper their attitude to toward the EU became more positive.
I think people underestimate just how misinformation does shape attitudes (and misinformation from the various sources including facebook bubbles)

"Sun boycott reduced Euroscepticism on Merseyside, study shows"

if that's paywalled, there is this: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/brexit-sun-boycott-helped-to-cut-euroscepticism-in-merseyside-study-suggests/ar-AAGpTtJ