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13345220, RE: i find this interesting...
Posted by Vector, Wed Aug-28-19 11:58 AM
>>Folks who voted leave had some serious concerns about
>>immigration, European bureaucracy, tariffs, etc.
>austerity measures from the tories...
>i think the bulk of the vote leave thing was immigration (even
>my friend said this and i was like but how? and you are an
>the correlation to the U.S is "they are taking our jobs"
>basically blaming the results of austerity on the EU (in my
>also.. apparently the U.K could've restricted immigration,

Immigration was the headline grabber but my gut feeling (not based on any facts) is that people were just generally unhappy with the EU.

>EU bureaucracy- this i find interesting. i'd like to hear some
>examples of this
>so far i haven't heard anything that makes sense.

People have never been happy about the European gravy train and also rules and laws set by unelected people that affect the UK.

>tariffs - i guess zero tariffs is the goal now? WTO rules are
>giving up all those trade agreements?
>its why im on a wait-and-see what happens nov 1st. when the #
>of FTAs will essentially be zero.

My mistake, I meant quotas, not tariffs. Fishing, farming, etc. quotas.