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Topic subjecti find this interesting...
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13345217, i find this interesting...
Posted by akon, Wed Aug-28-19 11:51 AM

>Folks who voted leave had some serious concerns about
>immigration, European bureaucracy, tariffs, etc.

austerity measures from the tories...

i think the bulk of the vote leave thing was immigration (even my friend said this and i was like but how? and you are an immigrant?)
the correlation to the U.S is "they are taking our jobs"
basically blaming the results of austerity on the EU (in my opinion)
also.. apparently the U.K could've restricted immigration, no?

EU bureaucracy- this i find interesting. i'd like to hear some examples of this
so far i haven't heard anything that makes sense.

tariffs - i guess zero tariffs is the goal now? WTO rules are brutal.
giving up all those trade agreements?
its why im on a wait-and-see what happens nov 1st. when the # of FTAs will essentially be zero.